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CMS-XML MVR: Mover Agent 1.1 for AIX and HP-UX
KB 70350
CMS-XML MVR: How to add multiple file extensions to the ''Filter'' setting when defining a Version Manager Source
KB 70638
CMS-XML MVR: How to delete a Mover project so it can be re-created
KB 70450
CMS-XML MVR: Moving files from Dimensions does not move files from subfolders.
KB 70710
CMS-XML Get "The syntax of the command is incorrect." error after upgrade.
In our evaluation of the problem the issue may be the result of how we are manipulating the system environment variables. According to this kb doc from microsoft the envrionment variables need to be in alphabetical order but the output of the "Set" command shows the variables in all kinds of order after patching to which consequently means you can't override one of the variables with your own set command in a script. The variable that seems to be hurting us most is this one.
CMS-XML MVR: How does the VM login source affect Mover?
The username specified in the VM source in mover needs to match the username that the Mover tomcat service runs as and the password specified in VM for that user must match the password entered in the VM source in Mover. The password used by the VM user and the Mover source user can but doesn't have to match the password used for the NT account that runs the tomcat service. For more information on how to change the service account that Collage runs as see the following kb doc.
CMS-XML MVR: Error ''This server is not connected to the administration database encoded in the license key. You cannot open any projects unless the admin database host and the host encoded in the license key match exactly.''
KB 70449
CMS-XML MVR: Error ''Login Failed. Merant:login failed.'' for all users other than Admin
If the PDB was originally created using a mapped drive leter, Mover can only access the PDB if Mover is running as an application and the drive letter is mapped correctly on the Mover server. Or, the PDB can be converted to use UNC paths instead of drive letter paths by following KB 70451 .
CMS-XML MVR: Hot Fix: Issue With filter Argument in CreateSource Command is Fixed
KB 71171
CMS-XML MVR: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: pvcs/vmcm/VmCm Exception in thread ''main''
KB 70697
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