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CMS-XML MVR: You cannot access this project because your login account, system, is invalid error in mover activity log
Look at the login sources defined for the VM project. If you're using HostID make sure the NT userid that the Mover Tomcat service runs as is a member of the VM project with sufficient permissions. You may have to change the Mover Tomcat service to run as a named NT account instead of the default local System account and make sure that the NT userid is added to the VM project with the same password that's specified for the VM source in Mover.
CMS-XML MVR: Error ''Login Failed. Merant:login failed.'' for all users other than Admin
If the PDB was originally created using a UNC path, Mover can only access the PDB if Mover is running as an application or as a service with a named user account. By default , the Mover service does not run with a named user account. To change this:
CMS-XML MVR: How to run Mover as a service and be able to deploy to UNC file shares.
The Mover Tomcat service by default runs as the local system account which needs to be changed to run as a named NT account if you want to deploy to a UNC share on the network. The following steps show how to do that.
CMS-XML MVR: How to rebuild the admin and project databases
Only run the rebuild command against the .db file that does not have _data in the name . For example:
CMS-XML MVR: Get UnknownException at line 634 in WIN32/Tip/src/ProjectFileAPI.cpp error when doing VM Move.
Login to mover and try the same move that was giving an error before If it runs then the problem is with the named NT account designated to run the Mover Tomcat service doesn't have enough permissions on the Mover server The best option is to add that NT account to the local administrators group on the Mover box and restart Mover.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: How do we setup licenses for integration Dimensions and Mover?
1. Log in to ChangeMan Mover with the System Manager system permission. 2. On the Login Options page, select the Administration option and click OK. 3. From the System | Setup view, select Sessions & Servers.
CMS-XML How to tell Mover to pick which IP address if multi IP addresses
In the file, you will see the line at the "general" section: <properties name ="general"> <property name="hostip"></property>
CMS-XML How to reset admin password?
set Password='YWRtaW4=' where Name ='admin' and then hit "Execute"
CMS-XML VM to Mover 1.0 migration. Moving to new server. Login failed errors.
VM - Admin | Deployment setup. Make sure the server name is correct and that the project name matches (CASE sensitive) to the project name in Mover | System | users and groups | Authentication setup.
CMS-XML MVR 2.0+: How to use Mover to pull source code, build the code, and then deploy only the resulting binaries
where DeploySourceName is the name of the Source (Deploy | Setup | Source) used during the deploy. Step 2: Any files in the temporary directory are copied to the destination location.
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