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CMS-XML MVR: Exit value 3 path not found when moving files. The system cannot find the path specified
For Dimensions Sources: It should point to the version number directory like this by default. C:\Serena\ChangeMan\Dimensions\10.1
CMS-XML MVR: Deploy log gives error "Successfully executing command: "/runvmcm.bat" -v /NASTask1/32.xml. The system cannot find the path specified."
Check the "Client Install Path" field. This path should point to the folder where Version Manger was installed on the Mover server ( for example, C:/Program Files/Serena ). This should be the folder above the VM folder in the install tree.
CMS-XML MVR: You cannot access this project because your login account, system, is invalid error in mover activity log
See the following kb document for more details on how to change the account the Mover Tomcat service runs as.
CMS-XML Mover cannot deploy from VM File Server based Project Database when VM 8.2+ is installed on the Mover system
When using Mover with a Version Manager 8.2+ installation, attempts to deploy from a File Server-based Project Database (PDB) may fail with errors in the activity log similar to: 07:22:34 Jul.13.11 [ Info ] ----- ProjectDatabasePath -----
CMS-XML MVR Scheduled Mover job did not run
6. Review the remaining sections of the readme.txt for additional information on the defects and enhancements included with this release.
CMS-XML Mover 2.x / is it possible to export users project permissions in "batch" mode ?
For security reasons, user 'd like to be able to export users project permissions in "batch" mode (for all of his projects). There is no feature for doing this from Mover User Interface. is it possible to export project permissions in bulk mode (from adminDB ?) or to query the data model of sybase database to retrieve such information ?
CMS-XML MVR: SERENA Changeman Mover Version Patch
WINDOWS IMPORTANT: Although this patch will not effect your data , it is never a bad idea to do a backup before installing it. Please take some time and do this backup first as a precaution.
CMS-XML MVR: How to rebuild the admin and project databases
This document contains instructions on how to rebuild the admin and project databases for Mover. The admin database contains items such as the list of loaded project databases and the list of system level login names. The project databases contain the deploy source, target, and package information.
CMS-XML How to change the log level in Mover and where to find the log file ?
When your Mover system is having problems, you may need to change the system default log level in order to get more detailed log information for analysis and troubleshooting.
MS-EXCEL Mover_2.3.0_Supported_Platform_Matrix.xls
The supported platform matrix is divided into several worksheets, each designed to give an appropriate level of detail . Please note that the
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