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CMS-XML MVR Scheduled Mover job did not run
Mover fixes - Scheduled Mover job did not run (Mover now checks to make sure no erroneous years are saved causing scheduled Mover deploys to not deploy) Mover fixes -
MS-EXCEL Mover_2.3.0_Supported_Platform_Matrix.xls
information pertaining to future releases is Serena Confidential and should be considered for planning purposes only. No commitment
CMS-XML MVR Allow administrator to set the minimum password character length. (There is now a newer patch - P2534)
Administrator can now set minimum allowed password length for users. The next time the users password is changed/set - the password length will be checked against minimum number value. Changes with non-valid password lengths will not be saved .
CMS-XML MVR: Deploy activity log is empty and Tocat log says: "Activity: TaskWriter.flushBuffer: Error while flushing log buffer to file"
For the user that Mover runs as make sure the cmsessions folder can be created in that location and the user has full permissions to this folder. During a move the log is written to this location then flushed to the database when the move is done. Without the correct permissions on this folder the log can't be written to its temporary space.
CMS-XML How to change the log level in Mover and where to find the log file ?
The default log level is "informational", a good habit is to always remember to change back to this default level after troubleshooting to avoid unnecessary resource cost on your server. Changed log level will take effect immediately once you click OK button to save your changes, so there is no need to restart Mover server. Where is the log file?
CMS-XML Mover: How to configure SMTP settings after installation
You will need to configure these two lines. Save it and restart the services.
CMS-XML MVR: ./ug8ykh0.ser (Permission denied) running mover as different user than vm
You get this error on unix/linux if you have Version Manager install owned by a user like "pvcs" and the Mover install owned and run by a different user like "moveruser." The Mover user needs to be able to write to this directory. vm/common/lib/linux
CMS-XML MVR: How to change the Mover Agent password or port after installation.
dd.encypted=0 Save your changes Restart the Mover Agent, the password gets encrypted when the agent starts.
CMS-XML MVR: Deploys fail with "Unknown OS = Windows 2003" after applying DST patch for VM
Add the following line below this: set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%pvcsHome%\vm\common\pvcsprop Save the file.
CMS-XML MVR: How to install Mover to another server and move the existing projects.
Make a note of all the projects loaded and write down the associated system groups for each project. You will associate those again in a later step.
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