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CMS-XML Last Login date not updated for new user, user was logged to SWC
Create new user account (user1) in App Administrator with regular product access Login to Work Center by newly created user user1 Look at the user details in the App Administrator.
CMS-XML STIG V-69355 - Application must display the time and date of the users last successful logon
STIG V-69355 - Application must display the time and date of the users last successful logon
CMS-XML "Users" system report may report incorrect time values for "Last Login Date"
"Users" system report may report incorrect time values for " Last Login Date "
CMS-XML Periods in Login IDs can cause problems if Request Filtering is enabled in IIS
When a Login ID in SBM contains periods and you try to perform an action that will pass the Login ID as part of the header's request URL, the ISAPI filter on the IIS server will grab it believing that you are requesting a file with a specific extension with the extension being whatever follows the last period in your Login ID. This only seems to pose a problem if the customer has Request Filtering enabled in IIS where you have to create an "allowed" list of file extensions that can be requested.
CMS-XML Current User Activity System Report shows users last accessed for up to 1 hour even if session timeout is 5 minutes
- Set the Session Timeout to 5 minutes - log in a few users to this SBM system - wait 30 minutes
CMS-XML After restarting IIS it takes an exceptionally long time before any users can login.
This folder should be empty except after first installing one of the Serena Solutions like Request Center, RLM etc. If you haven't installed one of these solutions since the last time you restarted IIS then this folder should be empty. If it's not empty then try stopping IIS and move the contents of the payload folder to a different location and start IIS.
CMS-XML User report exported to Excel shows date of 12/31/1969
When they run the System Report > Users, if there is no ' Last Login Date ', then when it is exported to Excel, that field is populated with the date of 12/31/1969. To reproduce the problem: Open SBM UI > Reports > Browse System Reports > Users.
CMS-XML How do I check my SBM license usage? Is it time for me to buy additional SBM licenses?
The report includes the Privilege Category and the Last Login Date. This is particularly important if you have seat licenses. For example, if you have 100 seat licenses and you are using 98 but you need to add 5 more people, you could look at the Last Login Date to see if there are any users that could be removed. If you delete these users or change their Privilege Category to be "None", you could free up the needed additional licenses.
CMS-XML When Auto-logout logs an SBM user off, the license-timeout is reset to 60 minutes from the point of logout.
When SBM has Auto-logout enabled, and the configuration is not using SSO as the login handler, the 60 minute license-timeout clock is reset to the time the user is logged off as opposed to leaving it at the time of their last activity.
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions Last Login Date Last Modified
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