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CMS-XML System hang or poor performance in systems with large numbers of users - Unable to obtain read lock on the '20' cache after trying 1 time(s)
If you are getting system hangs or slow performance and have a large number of users then please check your Windows Event Viewer and see if the following warnings occur. This is an indication that you might have a huge TS_FOLDERS table loaded into cache, causing issues.
CMS-XML Deploy fails with "ERROR -- Cannot deploy BPEL definition for process model alf/014a59b1-139e-4481-9317-97e03e7cce20/ - null"
Empty everything from the Windows Temp directory. By default this is C:\Windows\TEMP. Although it is a good idea to delete everything in the temp folder, most of the files/folders leftover from Jboss will be named axis2xxxxxxx or solutionxxxxxxx.
CMS-XML The only Windows 7 Theme that can be properly used in Mashup Composer is the Windows Classic one
The only Windows 7 Theme that can be properly used in Mashup Composer is the Windows Classic one
CMS-XML Can't add more then one subtask without reopening of the "Link Subtasks" window
4.Select this Item in search results and press Link Subtasks button. "On success, automatically close this window " option should be unselected.
CMS-XML Export to excel spreadsheet has "Use 1904 date system" set. This is not the Windows default and if copy and paste dates across spreadsheet will lose 4 years 1 day
The export to excel spreadsheet SBM creates has the date format set to "Use 1904 date system". This is the default Mac format and not that for Windows Excel.
CMS-XML Errors in Windows application event log on deploy
Error occurred in file: '.\WizardImportXMLResourceList.cpp', line 49. D:/Program Files/Serena/SBM/Application Engine/bin/design/ 1 f313620-b7d0-4a03-9065-9e908c94ff7e/ 20 ef8ca9-26bf-4e53-bdcc-065011d6fc94.xml contains an incorrect path.
CMS-XML URL in Windows Application Event log contains URL with % replaced by "The system cannot find the file specified"
>Thread number 3, 16 active, 20 total ... >specified.Flist&f13=- 1 &f18=-2&f3=38&footerparms=0&g13=EnterThe system ... > 1 &keywords=IM0001481998&options=0&reporttype=13&s
CMS-XML SBM: Setup SBM to access SQL Server using Windows Authentication
... Server database using Windows Authentication. Create a Windows Domain Service account ... ... account in step 1 should have dbo ... ... g. Enter Windows domain service account created in step 1 . Click OK ... h . Select the ... d. Choose This Account and enter your Windows domain service account credentials from step 1 . ... Open Windows File Explorer and make sure that the domain service account in step 1 has modify access to the [SBM\Application Engine] directory. ... If this account is the one used to logon to server via Remote Desktop, nothing further is necessary.
CMS-XML Link to Subtask Action popup window is too small
SBM 2009 R 1
CMS-XML Notes window does not expand vertically with window size
SBM 2009 R 1
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