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CMS-XML Tomcat components cannot log in cluster - some log files are empty including console.log
With Tomcat cluster log4j.xml file corrupted that results in empty logs in folder
CMS-XML Unable to add a URL to an empty public folder.
If a public folder does not contain any items, a URL cannot be added to it. It appears as though the buttons on the bottom of the frame are not displayed if there are no items, and one of the buttons is "Add URL".
CMS-XML Folders Not Included in Promotion
Folders Not Included in Promotion
CMS-XML Quick links to network folder names containing a space are replaced by '%20' and do not work
Quick links to network folder names containing a space are replaced by '%20' and do not work
CMS-XML SBM Mobile: (Android/iOS) Actions menu contains "Add to Folder" option, which does nothing
SBM Mobile: (Android/iOS) Actions menu contains "Add to Folder " option, which does nothing
CMS-XML Developer Tools shows (blocked:csp) when loading screens so some parts are not displayed correctly. CSP - Content Security Policy configured in IIS Response Headers
If Content-Security-Policy is being set in IIS at the Virtual Directory level then depending on what you have set can impact the information able to be loaded on the page. If there is information missing on the page then check with Developer Tools Network trace. If you see (blocked:csp) then this indicates that your Content Security Policy is blocking it.
CMS-XML Silent Installation of Client Components
The client components can be installed silently. For more information on the available Windows Installer command-line options and parameters, visit the MSDN site at . To silently install Mashup Composer and Mashup Administrator for the first time on a client machine, or to perform an upgrade of these components on a client machine silently, navigate to the directory that contains SMC2009.exe and launch the silent installer using the following command:
CMS-XML Shared folders are not in public folders in Classic Workspace UI for the owner - they are in favourites
If you upgrade and allocate a folder owner to historical Public Folders or if you create new folders in WorkCenter then when they are shared the shared users can see the Folders in the Public Folders part of User Workspace. The owner cannot however - they have to go to Favorites.
CMS-XML Entering string builder fields in the webpagewidget URL deletes parts of URL
{_TableId}{_width} directory 123/foder 567/test1
CMS-XML Static Diagnostic test for "Component Servers Connectivity" fails with error: (403) Forbidden.
Although there may be several causes for this error, we have see the following: Use Case 1: Directory Browsing not enabled
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