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CMS-XML Post transition submit form does not show required fields as required
When using a Post transition, the submit form for the new item does not display required fields as being required . I am mapping a value into the required field. If I blank out the field and submit it tells me that it is required, but it was never indicated on the form as required.
CMS-XML Service Desk "Required Date" field in the overview section of the state form is in dd/mm/yyyy format.
When you look at the Overview field in the Service Desk state forms the Required Date value may display in dd/mm/yyyy format. If you would like this to display in mm/dd/yyyy format make the following change in the SRC Starter Pack Forms app.
CMS-XML Javascript: Form Validation does not work when two fields have the same display name
Example to reproduce: 1) Create a transition form with two text fields with the same display name (different db name), make sure both are required 2) Enable form validation feature for this form
CMS-XML Required New Note field shows two colon characters on transition form
Expected result: - the "New Note" label should be displayed as "New Note:" (single colon) Actual result:
CMS-XML Extra space character leading the field name in error message for required fields
When submitting a form in SBM without having filled in all required fields error messages are displayed at the top of the form stating ' Field name' is a required field . Please supply a valid value to complete this transition.
CMS-XML Required Note field colour does not change when Note added
If you have a Note Required on a transition, then the field label appears in red when the form displays . Adding the required note will not change the field colour to green, as it should.
CMS-XML Form based Combo fields fail validation
For example, we have a javascript that calls the MakeFieldRequired function with the name of the combo box. In, no matter if you have a value selected or not, an error is displayed that the field is required and a value selection is required before the transition will complete. This is not allowing users to proceed with the transition.
CMS-XML Error messages appear in English on form validation
When a user has set locale to something other than English (or Japanese for Japanese versions of the product), it can sometimes happen that form -related messages, such as missing required fields , are displayed in other than the user's specified locale. This will happen when the properties of the form in Mashup Composer have "Validate Required Fields before Form Submit" selected.
CMS-XML JS API: MakeRequired function displays "Please supply a value" message twice
Steps to Reproduce Add a JS to custom form Update an item: while on the transition form force the javascript to make non- required field required Do not provide a value for the newly required field and click OK
PDF SBM Composer Form Extensions
In other words, the display attribute is a format string describing the event, condition or action, including parameter tags that identify changeable values that will be passed to the implementation. The display attribute is required . The following special parameter tags are supported in the display string.
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