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CMS-XML Import users from LDAP in Application Administrator can cause IIS to hang if Refresh button under Find Candidates section is clicked too many times
Using the SBM System Administrator to perform the LDAP import will not encounter this issue.
CMS-XML Chrome freezing/hanging with pie chart in a multi-view report
- save it - do a Put Files Into Database from SBM System Administrator - clear browser cache
CMS-XML SBM System Administrator: unable to start Mail Client and Notification Server remotely
This is a permissions-related problem. If you are not able to stop /start the Mail Client and Notification Server remotely (even though the SBM privilege is granted), try adding the IWAM_ & IUSR_ accounts to the Administrators group and grant permissions for the Broker Service and IIS.
CMS-XML Launching SBM System Administrator or SBM Login Screen give error "InitExtension Failed" "License Server XXXX could not be contacted"
On the Serena License Manager machine, in Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Services, verify that the Serena License Server service is running. If the service is running, try stopping and restarting the service.
CMS-XML Error "LDAP bind authentication failure with Search Authority: 49 Invalid credentials"
In older versions, this can be found in SBM System Administrator under Tools > LDAP Setup, General tab. The field name is Admin DN and Password.
CMS-XML Cannot see fields during transition -intermittent form initialization failure
_setBgColor(bgColor); Finally execute 'Put files into database' from SBM System Administrator and restart all SBM services.
CMS-XML WSDL locks up System Admin and gives "unspecified exec error" creating a Web Service notification.
Using the certain wsdl's in an application causes errors in the System Admin and Web Admin when you try to create a notification that runs a Web Service. You get an "unspecified exec error" when you try to use the "Select Function" button in the UI. If you are in the System Administrator and click on the Web Services tab if you try to click on the Service Name and click View you will get a gpf and the admin tool will crash.
CMS-XML Line breaks in notification templates are translated into
which causes rendering issues in Outlook
Workaround (on-premise only): (1) Stop IIS and then open the System Administrator (2) Go to the template in the file system - default location is here - C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\SBM\Application Engine\emailtemplate\notificationtemplates
CMS-XML Find Reports page may appear blank in Internet Explorer
The procedure is to Stop IIS, and open the system administrator . Perform a file > “get files from database”
PDF SBM Application Administrator Features
• The Established By flag that indicated whether users were added to a group through an LDAP import, update, or auto-add is no longer available. • Due to the migration of the Notification Server and Mail Client migration from SBM System Administrator to SBM Configurator, the following administrative privileges have been deprecated: Stop /Start Mail Client, Edit Mail Client Properties, Start/ Stop Notification Server, and Edit Notification Server Properties.
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