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CMS-XML Notification emails text fields all lower case when using .htm template and database Oracle
Notification emails text fields all lower case when using .htm template and database Oracle
CMS-XML SWC: When promoting views, the view author name is case sensitive (Oracle)
Reproducible only on Oracle environments. Steps to Reproduce: Environment 1:
CMS-XML Logging into workcenter and there is no content other than the shell of the UI when using Oracle as the database.
If you use Oracle as your database and you login to workcenter and you don't see any applications or any SBM items at all take a look in the following log. C:\Program Files\Serena\SBM\Common\jboss405\server\default\log\workCenter.log You may see errors like the following:
CMS-XML Case Sensitivity in Searches
When running TeamTrack on an Oracle database , searches in the Advanced Lookup Tool and the Advanced Search on text fields other than Issue ID and Title are case -sensitive.
CMS-XML Mashup data import fails on Oracle string imports > 512 characters
Error code: 03/18/2009 14: 19 :00: ***** Killer Import Error: Data truncated. (ODBC native: )
CMS-XML Large increase in REDO log space in Oracle since going to Tomcat clustering
In a non-clustered environment files are written to a directory ..\NotifServerDumpFilesDir. These corelate to the TS_THREADID seen throughout the Notification tables. These are used in case of a system failure to recover the Mail Services components in case of being mid- process.
CMS-XML SBM for Oracle driver does not recover after losing its connection
If an Oracle database goes off line (during backups, for example), the SBM server will try to re-establish the connection for about 20 minutes and then fails to try any further. It is expected that SBM will try periodically until the database comes back online, however, this is not the case with the Oracle for SBM Driver / Oracle .
CMS-XML Oracle database upgrade error from TT 6.6.1 to 2009 R4 - "Number of bound columns exceeds the number of result columns"
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 02/22/2011 19 :09:29: Exception occurred in file:
CMS-XML Now that Oracle will charge for Java, what is the impact on SBM (SSM and SRC and RLC) customers?
As you read these, look for information about Commercial Users. These are users who get Oracle Java from a third party vendor. In this case , you get Oracle Java from SBM and Micro Focus is the third party vendor.
CMS-XML Minimum privileges required for the Oracle user connecting to an SBM schema
As an Example some companies’ policies require that PUBLIC EXECUTE be removed for DBMS_LOB storage. If this is a case then the SBM schema owner(s) must be granted Execute on DBMS_LOB:
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