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CMS-XML Cannot delete State from sub-workflow.
Cannot delete State from sub-workflow .
CMS-XML Unable to add sub-workflow if name would exceed 32 characters in length
Unable to add sub-workflow if name would exceed 32 characters in length
CMS-XML Decisions in sub-workflow with disabled transitions
Decisions in sub-workflow with disabled transitions
CMS-XML Cannot execute Copy to Open Process App for (sub) workflows
Cannot execute Copy to Open Process App for ( sub) workflows
CMS-XML Sub workflow overrides are lost/removed after changes are made to the Parent workflow
There are multiple use-cases that will cause this problem. All of them result in the overrides on sub-workflows being removed and lost. All overrides can be affected by this problem.
CMS-XML Sub workflow overrides not working if you check out the Parent workflow and check it in and deploy.
If you then Check Out only the Parent workflow , Check it in and deploy again the overrides on the sub-workflows are gone. The key to this is if you ONLY check out the parent workflow and check it back in and deploy the overrides on the sub workflows go away. If you Check Out both the Parent and Sub Workflows make your changes and Check them All back in and deploy then the over rides in the sub workflows work as you would think.
CMS-XML Duplicate workflow feature is greyed out
Mashup Composer ... (Build 036) The Mashup online help says "You can duplicate any workflow or sub-workflow ....In the Mashup Explorer, right-click the workflow or sub-workflow , and choose Duplicate." This option is greyed out in Composer.
CMS-XML Composer: Window does not fit into screen
When deleting a transition from a workflow that has sub-workflows , an info/confirm message is displayed. When there are too many workflows, this message box does not fit into the screen, therefore it is not possible to hit the OK button. Workaround: Hit "y" to confirm or "n" to cancel.
CMS-XML When not using primary sort by project, Editable Grid Report fails
STEPS TO REPRODUCE: a) Setup a project tree with sub-workflows such as: -Tickets
CMS-XML Enabling Submit on Behalf of Another User
The Allow submit on behalf of another user option appears in the Options tab of the transition Property Editor in the parent workflow's Submit transition. The option is not editable in the Submit transition in sub-workflows ; however; administrators can override this setting at the project level in SBM Application Administrator.
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