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CMS-XML "From user who runs transition" option should not make default address fields inactive
"From user who runs transition" option should not make default address fields inactive
CMS-XML Add user to group button is inactive if all other users already belong to group
Add user to group button is inactive if all other users already belong to group
CMS-XML Current User Activity System Report shows users last accessed for up to 1 hour even if session timeout is 5 minutes
The users whose session has expired should not be shown in this report. Actual result: The users are shown in the report with Last Accessed showing the time since they have been inactive which is greater than the session timeout.
CMS-XML SLA Clause: Qualifying Conditions are not being saved when user leaves page using breadcrumb
Edit this Clause and change Qualifying Condition. Active/ Inactive =Active OR state = In Progress )
CMS-XML Composer Allows user to attempt to redefine TEXT fields
3. What is the expected result? Style section should have invalid changes greyed out – inactive Or
CMS-XML Creating a report with two matching runtime fields caused user report issues until system refreshed
If you have a listing report with two matching query at runtime fields on an aux table then when you try "FIND" on this field you will get "error on page" from IE and expanding that “form.Report Type is null or not an object” from qbetop.js. The "find" seems to never finish and also you cannot create a listing report with any search criteria (all search criteria options are blank even for inactive /active). To recreate:
CMS-XML SBM user licenses, laptop and mobile/fixed devices
. If the user does not logout or closes SBM by closing the browser[2] then the license will be released after 60 minutes of inactivity plus up to 12 minutes for License Manager to get around to cleaning up freed licenses.
CMS-XML Is there a way to remove adding and deleting notes/attachments regardless of ownership or submitter and only base it on State or the Active/Inactive? Possible audit requirement
(1) The addition of notes or attachment for inactive states can be specifically controled with a specific form. The form can have these operations disabled by deselecting them on the ToolBar property for the form in Composer. These functions would no longer then be available to the user .
CMS-XML Need active/inactive icons for subtask tree
There is a limitation with this approach. Redeploying the mashup is fine as long as the user continues to work with the same mashup and does not export and re-import the mashup. If the user exports and re-imports the mashup in MC (or does a "Get from AE" and then imports that to MC), and then deploys it to AE, a whole new set of images gets generated for that mashup (using the default lightbulb image).
CMS-XML Relational field not showing inactive items in UI
Relational field to a primary table is not showing inactive items in the user interface when the checkbox in Composer > YourField > Options is set to ' Inactive items appear in selection lists'.
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