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CMS-XML VM and SBM installed on the same server can yield Failed to add MIME Type "text/plain" for file extension ".properties" when VM uses IIS
Anonymous Config Source -------------
CMS-XML Perforce Connector will not load if missing required DLLs
The Perforce Connector will not appear in the Type dropdown when trying to add a defect tracking source in Perforce Defect Tracking Gateway (P4DTG) Configuration Editor if required DLLs are missing on the server. Many of these DLLs are installed with Serena Business Mashups so this problem can occur if P4DTG is installed on a server that does not have SBM installed.
CMS-XML Items on SRC Requests/Approvals report not visible in SRC Mobile app
This has been seen in customers running HTTPS calls through Load Balancers and redirectors. If the same reports are viewed in the SRP shell, they are seen correctly. The problem also happened only on a single system and not on any others similarly configured .
CMS-XML Registering and Configuring Plugins for Notification Channels
An overview of how to build the sample console plugin from source code is also provided. See Building the Console Plugin for details.
CMS-XML Is SRC a subset of SSM? Do I need to install both to get all functions?
If you do not promote the SRC Process Apps then you will not get the SRC portal or be able to configure services to enable the SLA functionality - see S138567 .
CMS-XML Warnings in SSO log files in clustered setup - Creating a new instance of CacheManager using the diskStorePath - Configuring ehcache from ehcache-failsafe.xml found in the classpath
The source of the configuration was InputStream The diskStore path for this CacheManager will be set to C:\Program Files\Serena\SBM\Common\tomcat\server\default\temp\ehcache_auto_created_1528692585010.
CMS-XML Developer Tools shows (blocked:csp) when loading screens so some parts are not displayed correctly. CSP - Content Security Policy configured in IIS Response Headers
font- src ‘self’
CMS-XML SRC and SSM content licenses explained. SLA reports or SLA widget are not visible in the User Workspace.
Technically the SRC and SSM licenses just have to exist in SLM for the SLA User Workspace features to appear. i.e. without one of these you will not be able to configure SLA's in the Application Administrator. Neither will the SLA reports nor the SLA widget be visible in the User Workspace.
CMS-XML Composer crashes upon attempt to copy form from another app with a binary field configured as radio buttons or checkbox
You can either duplicate the form in the source application and then remove the problematic field(s) from the duplicate form which you then copy over to your target application or you can create a matching field in the target application's table so it will have something to link to.
CMS-XML How to add the request source host address to the ALFEventManager.log
To enable access logging in Tomcat, uncomment the following in the "SBM\Common\Tomcat 7.0\server\default\ conf \server.xml" file:
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