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CMS-XML ISSUETYPE field is not available when defining Backlog View
When defining backlog views in work center the issuetype field is not available as a column for the view. Step to reproduce : - in an application make sure the ISSUETYPE (internal DB name) is used.
CMS-XML When duplicating an application, the roleselection UUID will be copied and is not unique
When duplicating an application that has user values defined in a user field by a role, this roleselection UUID will be copied into the new application. This can cause issues during the deployment of this mashup where already deployed mashups will appear to have the values removed from the already deployed user fields.
CMS-XML Slow performance when importing a user based on a template or copying a user
If a template user has direct individual user assignments rather than group privileges then this can potentially mean that a very large number of records needs to be created per user. For example, if the template user has individual field privilege records for every field defined in all applications, then each of these field privileges is a row in TS_FIELDPRIVILEGES table.
CMS-XML SBM 11+: Creating Query Views for Advanced Reports (SBM Advanced XML Report)
A: If a field has been defined in a previous copy of the XML but no longer exists in the current XML, the field is marked as deleted in the database and removed from the TS_FIELDORDERINGS table. The same is true for any selections that are no longer found in the XML.
CMS-XML Entry incorrectly created in TS_STRINGIDENTIFIERS every time deploy global app containing custom form. This can also lead to errors in notification server
If you have a custom form defined for a table in Global Process App, every time you deploy that app, duplicate entries are created in TS_STRINGIDENTIFIERS table for every field label you have on the custom form.
CMS-XML How can I get a list of all the Event Definitions that the Event Manager is listening for?
Copy the application name you are working with ... Paste the application name in the appropriate field and remove the ? question mark from the namespace field
CMS-XML Setting column widths in a report is displaying multiple widths in the report definition
Setting column widths in a report is displaying multiple widths in the report definition . ... To reproduce : ... 2) When choosing the fields to display, open the "Set Custom Field Widths" option, set a width (like 100). ... Scroll the list until you see your field and it will show "Priority, 100" instead of just "Priority".
CMS-XML Listing reports show project names repeated
Listing reports can show the project names repeated - recreated as follows: ... 2. In the Listing Report Definition check the box "Sorting>Always Perform a Primary Sort By Project" 3. In the Listing Report Definition uncheck the box "Additional Options>Hide Project Titles" 4. Run a Listing report that includes the State field . 5. The results show the project name repeated .
CMS-XML Quick Form problem when duplicating a workflow
If you duplicate a workflow which uses an aux table, then disconnect the original aux table and connected the new one, when using the quick form for the second aux table the form is picking up fields from the first aux table. The workaround is to define a custom form, then switch back to the quick form and remove the temporary custom form.
CMS-XML Incorrect search results on dependent field or results being reset
Incorrect search results on dependent field can occur for 2 possible reasons: ... If parent field is hidden, read-only or in a section user does not have access to. One of the results is the dependent field is typically duplicated many times. There is a defined a dependency between fields in the table but there are no restrictions on values in the workflow.
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