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CMS-XML How to tell if the SBM Event Manager is listening to external events. Troubleshoot receiving external ALF events using SoapUI
Right click on the URL in the screen, and click Edit. Make sure the server name is correct and the port is 8085. (This defaults to 8080.)
CMS-XML How can I get a list of all the Event Definitions that the Event Manager is listening for?
If you want to get a list of all the Events that the Event Manager is currently listening for as well as the parameters required to match the event you can follow these steps. Load the following wsdl url into Soap UI http://<orch engine server>:8085/eventmanager/services/ALFAdmin?wsdl
CMS-XML During deploy you get this error: "ERROR -- Failed to deploy event map for orchestration...: Access to this endpoint and/or SOAP action is not allowed"
Click on the Target Servers tab Verify that the System Event Manager ( ALF server ) type is pointing to a url that looks like the following http://<jboss server>:8085/eventmanager/services/ALFAdmin
CMS-XML How to set up the Dimensions RM to SBM integration.
In RM Manage, right-click on the project and select “configure ALF Options”. Enter the “ALF Event Manager” URL and check the “Enable project to emit ALF events” box. The ALF event manager URL is in the following format :
CMS-XML During deploy you get this error: "Cannot deploy BPEL definition for process model...The endpoint reference (EPR) for the Operation not found is /eventmanager/services/ALFAdmin?ns=00000"
http://<jboss server>:8085/jbpm-bpel/services/DeployService Sometimes people have misconfigured the Target Servers and switched the url with the System Event Manager ( Alf server ) which will cause the errors above. See KB S141431 for more details.
CMS-XML Asynch Orchestration doesn't log a failure anywhere if using SSL with a certificate/connection problem to the Target Server
If you use a SSL url for your Event Manager or BPEL server and you have a certificate or connection problem it's extremely hard to troubleshoot because there are no errors logged anywhere for Asynch Orchestrations. The logging you do get doesn't show a problem and it looks like the orch should have run but the event never makes it to the AlfEventManager log. We should either log this connection failure somewhere or at the least make the Test Connect button fail in the Repository when there is an SSL Connection issue.
CMS-XML No declaration found for element 'Locale' error during deployment
Open the SBM Application Repository and login. Go to the Environment where the deployment failed and check to make sure the Target Server and Runtime URL's are correct, including the BPEL and Event Manager URL's .
CMS-XML Installing Business Mashups 2009 R1 on Multiple Servers
Click New, type a name for the target server, and then select System Event Manager from the Type drop-down list Click the View Examples link in the Connection Properties area, and then select the Event Manager example to add it to the URL list. Change the server name and port to those for the machine on which Orchestration Engine is installed.
CMS-XML SBM 10.x database upgrade to SBM 11.x gives error "Exception occurred while execution of DeployCommand"
On the Target Servers tab, edit the "Default BPEL Server", and click Test Connect. If you get "Failed to connect", try changing the URL to be non-SSL and try again. On the Target Servers tab, edit the "Default Event Manager Server", and click Test Connect. If you get "Failed to connect", try changing the URL to be non-SSL and try again. If the Test Connect still fails, continue with the following steps.
CMS-XML Deploy fails with error: Failed to complete the deployment to server "Default BPEL Server"
Log into the Application Repository In the Environments view, select the environment to which you were trying to deploy. On the Target Servers tab, check the Default BPEL Server URL and the Default Event Manager Server.
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