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CMS-XML How to Postpone Work Center Search Re-Index After an SBM Upgrade
Backup the current indexer state information before you begin the upgrade or before you open SBM Configurator for the time first after upgrading your component servers. Save the ID and LONG_VALUE column values from the CSVC_REGISTRY table.
CMS-XML Work Center search - Full re-index failed for items with projectID = NULL
Could not index table. Please check if table data is valid. Table Id: 1000. - this value of 1000 is the TS_ID from TS_TABLES
CMS-XML Depending on how fields are made required on a form the visual indicator that the field is required may be different.
If you create an application and make four different fields and make them all required by one of the following ways when you attempt to submit the form they all show as being required in different ways. 1. In data design ( Set the field as required in the Table design ) 2. Field override in Composer on the transition
CMS-XML Improving Keyword Searching Performance In SBM Using Full-Text Indexes
Keyword searching options in report search specifications Value Find searching on forms for Single Relational and Multi-Relational fields, if the value display format for the relational field table contains a Text field You can enable full-text searching on a table-by-table basis by creating full-text indexes in your database and then enabling the index in SBM System Administrator. For optimal use, enable full-text searching on heavily used tables that contain large amounts of data .
CMS-XML Smart Search indexing for Work Center searches is looping/starting over and not completing
If you would like to have Tomcat running Common Services to be on multiple servers, you will need to make sure they are clustered behind a load balancer. More information about how the Work Center search works in a clustered environment can be found in KB solution S143075 .
CMS-XML SQL Server: Incorrect SQL unique constraint violation occurs during SLS import when data contains characters that are not in the default SQLServer collator
drop index SLS_CATEGORY_UI_1 on SLS_CATEGORY; alter table SLS_CATEGORY alter column lower_name nvarchar(256) collate Latin1_General_100_BIN not null; create unique index SLS_CATEGORY_UI_1 on SLS_CATEGORY(lower_name);
CMS-XML Smart Search indexing does not complete for certain tables.
INFO 09-01-2014 09:35:16 [IndexerProcess] -- Start index creation for table USR_TEST(1000) DEBUG 09-01-2014 09:35:16 [IndexerServiceImpl] -- GetNextItems tableId: 1000 lastId: 0 returned 16 Items in 13 millis. INFO 09-01-2014 09:35:16 [IndexerProcess] -- Indexer process 80 finished(time: 0 secs)
CMS-XML SBM 10.1.5+: Disable Returning Attachments in Work Center Search Results (How to turn off Smart Search indexing for attachments)
It could take a considerable amount of time for the re-index to complete and performance will be very slow until it finishes. You could turn off the indexing until a time better suited to wait for this process. For additional information on upgrades and the re- index , see KB S140944 or this blog entry .
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions ... /form- data " method= ... ... /form- data " method= ... ... /form- data " method= ... ... /form- data " method= ... ... /form- data " method= ... ... /form- data " method= ... ... last row of data */ ... last row of data */ ... last row of data */ ... last row of data */ ... /social/ index 2.css ... /social/ index 2.css ... ... /social/ index 2.css ... ... /social/ index 2.css ...
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions ... name=" info " title= ... ... name=" info " ... / Hash field data ... for (var index = 0; index < values.length; index ++) ... (values[ index ] == ... ... (values[ index ] == ... " data -enabled" ... ... getAttribute(" data -enabled" ... + var index = url. ... ... + if ( index < 0) index ) ... .substr( index + var index = token. ... ... + if ( index < 0) index ); ... .substr( index
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