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CMS-XML Can't create import option set from a Serena Tracker project database
Message: You are not currently connected to a Tracker 7.5 or later database..... This is after it displays the connection and a project in the Tracker database.
CMS-XML SBM and PVCS Version Manager RIDE Integration issue: IDE system folder is missing after SBM upgrade
SBM 11.4 introduced a change in which the "Auto Folder Items" setting in System Administrator is automatically disabled for new installs and after SBM upgrades. T
CMS-XML Fix for defect DEF188927 - VM SSO problems with SourceBridge
If you are affected, you will see a message : "ttsourcbridge.dll is not compatible to work with SSO token" This will happen only if you have set "SSO" as the login source for a Project Database.
CMS-XML VM and SBM installed on the same server can yield Failed to add MIME Type "text/plain" for file extension ".properties" when VM uses IIS
Line number: 1003. Error: Cannot add duplicate collection entry of type 'mimeMap' with unique key attribute 'fileExtension' set to '.properties'. at Microsoft.Web.Administration.Interop.AppHostWritableAdminManager.GetAdminSection(String bstrSectionName, String bstrSectionPath) at Microsoft.Web.Administration.Configuration.GetSectionInternal(ConfigurationSection
CMS-XML See repeated errors in sso-idp.log about the following "Trusted certificate expired and will be discarded: CN=Serena Version Manager Server..."
Locate the following code < Setting Name="VMServerCertificate" Type="htf:certificate"> <Setting Name="KeyStoreName" Type="xsd:string">truststore</Setting>
CMS-XML VM and SBM SSO error on logout
Set to true if integrating with older Gatekeepers.
CMS-XML Cannot Run Business Mashups and Version Manager on the Same Server
Click OK The new extension appears under Web Service Extension with its status set to Allowed. 5)
CMS-XML TT661: Reported DEF123637: Superfluous change events created after Tracker import
When you are importing from TeamTrack, if you have run an import option set to bring over data and the change history, if you remove the change history option on subsequent imports (eg, to bring over attachments or notes), inaccurate change history will be recorded. Usually, this will manifest as an "Update from (None)" event, which will have all the single-select fields listed with the same Prior and New values.
CMS-XML Dim2009R2: SSO CAC: Web Client and Admin Console provide a 404 Page not found error when using SBM SSO Server
The above error occurs because the redirect port in the fedsrv-core-config.xml file is set to default (8080). The current workaround is as follows: 1)
CMS-XML Mapping a Tracker:Choice to SBM:Text field causes NULL values to be copied
-Try to pre-import all those choice values into an Aux table, which on SBM, the Title field is text. - In setting up the Import Options set , the mapping of a choice field to the text field,is allowed. However, when the import option sets is excecuted, all values for the Title field of the Auxiliary table are blank (or NULL).
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