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CMS-XML Example script demonstrating the ReadWithWhere() method in Mashup/Team Script Reference is faulty
If Not myRecord. ReadWithWhere(whereClause ) Then
CMS-XML If a form field equals a certain value, require a file be attached before a transition can happen. Sample app script.
set myAttachmentList = Ext.CreateAppRecordList(Ext.TableId("TS_ATTACHMENTS")) ok = myAttachmentList. ReadWithWhere(whereClause ) ' Count the number of attachments
MS-POWERPOINT How to configure TeamTrack in IIS6
WHERECLAUSE= "TS_ID = " & RECORDEID if MYRECORD. ReadWithWhere(whereClause ) then call MYRECORD.SetFieldValue( "State", C_CLOSED )
CMS-XML How can I stop a transition from happening if there isn't a file attachment on the item or an attachment of a certain type?
Dim objATTTable, objThisItem,objThisItemTable, whereclause , attachmentsRec ... Call attachmentsRec. ReadWithWhere( whereclause )

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