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CMS-XML Composer gives error "Failed to retrieve valid security token for user"
User using a bad username or password . ... If you are setup to use Internal passwords , the first time the user logs in , he will be asked to set a password . If he has never logged into the SBM UI before, this password has not been set.
CMS-XML CAC/PIV/Smart Card: When users try to login, they get error "Invalid User ID or password"
ERROR 1: Failed to reflect to SSLSocket instance. SSL session not invalidated
CMS-XML When users try to login, they get error "Invalid User ID or password" even when the information is correct
AEWSProvider72.isUserValid(350): Authentication of "MyUserName" failed against Web Services "http://myServer:8085/gsoap/gsoap_ssl.dll?sbminternalservices72": Invalid UserID or Password
CMS-XML Smart Card Login Failure
Standard log in (via User Name and Password ) fails when preceeded by an invalid Smart Card log in attempt in the same browser session.
CMS-XML SBM external URI fails to get logged in when user session time-out is set
External Access set for URI /ttexternal/ Users going to /tmtrack/ uri get logged in with domain user. Users going to /ttexternal/ uri should get logged in with internal username password , but they do not.
CMS-XML What to enter when the Orchestration Engine upgrade prompts for an SBM user name and password
The OE upgrade fails due to bad password . This will happen with some authentication schemes such as SmartCard and some external authentication schemes. If you are using one of these, try, temporarily, setting authentication to SBM Sessions + Internal SBM database, follow the steps below.
CMS-XML Mashup Manager login fails with Invalid authentication attempt, principal=null
If the username or password does not exist or is not the one it should be, the login -config.xml file may have to be manually corrected. Please contact technical support for this.
CMS-XML JBoss service caches user password
If a user connects to Mashup Composer and not Mashup Manager and changes their password , the user will get an error regarding a bad username or password when they try to login to Mashup Manager or Mashup Composer until the Serena Common JBoss service is restarted.
CMS-XML All communication from Tomcat to IIS fails if Client Certificate Authentication is enabled
In Application Repository, a login error (Invalid user ID or password ) appears when users attempt to access the repository.
CMS-XML Scripts or WS do not run in notification context without a user with login ID of admin
ERROR 14-02-2012 14:18:35 [Events] -- com.serena.core.runtime.LocalizedCoreException: Failed to obtain security token: Invalid User ID or Password
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