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CMS-XML Get Request Failed message searching dropdown list when SBM is Load Balanced and Analytics turned on - "Request Failed. Please contact your administrator"
... realized that the search is a simple ... ... nItems: " 2 " }) ... nItems: " 2 " }) ... ,27, 2 );return ... ... +'; path =/' ... Basically it is our expected response with a bunch of their own script tacked onto the end which then causes the search to break in the dropdown.
CMS-XML Using Microsoft Excel Web Query Feature with SBM 10.1.3+ (possibly earlier releases too)
... Microsoft Excel's Web Query Feature ... Microsoft Excel Web Query feature. ... via the Web Query option. ... a report or search that results in ... 2 . Click the ... =reports% 2 frptexec&reportid ... New Web Query New Web Query ... on the SBM User ... generate the Web query . ... on administrative and user profile settings. ... in the SBM User ... To allow the query to run every ... ... and the web query will fail . ... the Excel web query to file as ... ... to the amended query and the changed ... ... run the Web query . Web Queries with NTLM and ...
CMS-XML Users are required to provide their current password when they attempt to change their password or e-mail address in their user profile.
UPDATE TS_LASTIDS SET TS_LASTID = TS_LASTID + 1 WHERE TS_TABLEID = 56; 2 . The TS_ID returned from the following SQL command should be used for the new Setting record. SELECT TS_LASTID FROM TS_LASTIDS WHERE TS_TABLEID = 56;
CMS-XML Get$findCCUsers in ns.log when user has bogus entry in CC list in user profile and nobody gets the notification sent to them, not even the primary recipient
For MSSql users there are two sql scripts attached below that can be run that will help identify any users in the system with a bogus username in the CC List for their account. The difference between the two scripts is that one looks for a comma seperator and the other looks for a semicolon seperator in the cc list. Take the results from each query to find the real bogus entries.
CMS-XML Upgrade to DbVer 1140000055 fails if any TS_REPORTS.TS_SPECIFICATIONS2 contains more than 4000 characters
Contact support for a sql script with workaround to backup and clear TS_REPORTS.TS_SPECIFICATIONS 2 before upgrade and restore it after upgrade, which requires manual execution of SQL queries before and after upgrade.
CMS-XML Composer switches to Offline after you open any application. Get "Failed to query environmnets" error in the Composer Log
This is caused by having more than one environment defined in the Application Repository with the same name. In the example above there were two environments created with the name "Default Environment"
CMS-XML Dim12: SBM2DM Connector: Error: Could not start transition from state Development to state QA (-1) Transition '' is not valid for transitioning item number 2511 (item 34) in table 1006. [(:TSPrimaryItemStartTransition: Error starting transition Start transition failed.
TEST_CR_7: Business Mashups Issue: CR02511 Looking for the first transition id with suitable states.
CMS-XML Smart search indexing failing when attachments are included
SBM 12.1SBM 12.1 Hotfix 1SBM 12.1 Hotfix 2 SBM 12.1 Hotfix 3SBM 12.1 Hotfix 4SBM 12.1 Hotfix 5
CMS-XML SBM: Calendar icon is missing on Advanced Search page (broken image)
SBM SBM 12.2 HotFix 2
CMS-XML Work Center search results are expanded rather than collapsed when Rich Text field contains a broken link to an image
1) Submit/Update an item with RTE field 2 ) Type quite along description and Insert an image to RTE field 3) Save item
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