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CMS-XML Database connectivity fails when database password is pending expiration
Also, SBM Configurator shows " FAILED " when testing the db connection . To get around the issue, the database password must be reset. When the password isn't expired yet, a warning shouldn't interfere with connectivity.
CMS-XML Static Diagnostics Notification Server and Mail client database connection fails if TLS 1.0 is disabled
The Notification Server and Mail client database connection test fails with the error: Notification Server and Mail Client database connection Result : Failed
CMS-XML Server.log error "Failed to obtain DB connection" and "Connection refused" and "Could not retrieve datasource" and "Destroying connection that could not be successfully matched" and "Connection error occurred" and "Destroying connection that is not valid"
The common log will also show the orchestration running. However, the web service calls to SBM (using sbmappservices72, for example) will fail . A summary of the errors in the server.log
CMS-XML Common Scheduler shuts down if DB server is cycled - Failed to obtain DB connection from data source 'myDS': java.sql.SQLException: Could not retrieve datasource via JNDI url 'java:serenaAdminDsn' ... Could not create connection
The following messages will appear in server.log (or maybe Mashupmgr.log) and all activities will fail to run.
CMS-XML Database connection timeout expired error
OpenEx failed with connect string 'DSN=xxxx;UID=xxxx'. Connection Dead. Timeout expired.
CMS-XML SBM 2008R1: Error on Mashup Composer. Connection attempt failed
Check to make sure the database connection information is correct, especially, make sure username and password is correct. File: <install>\Common\jboss405\server\default\deploy\mashupmgr-ds.xml Check to make sure the Web Services URL is correct.
CMS-XML Error "InitExtension Failed" when accessing SBM (TeamTrack or Business Mashups)
It means the Web server could not communicate with the database correctly. This could just be due to a bad user or password in the database connection on the Web server. This is especially true on a UNIX-based install, where the connection information is in separate configuration files from the connection information used by the Windows administrator; the
CMS-XML semi-colon character in database passwords truncates password
Reopening configuration and the password is shorter and DB connection test fails is the password contains a semi-colon for common logger
CMS-XML SBM loses spaces in database names
If one or more of the SBM Databases are configured to use a name, which contains spaces then upgrading this configuration to will strip the space characters from the database names rendering them unusable. For example if the Common Log database is named "CL DB" it will be renamed to "CLDB" after applying the configuration which then in turn means the DB connection will fail .
CMS-XML Problem with notification server diagnostic tests when there is a Tomcat cluster configured.
05/30/2018 15:36:12 Warning The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found. 05/30/2018 15:36:12 Information Running test: 'Notification Server and Mail Client database connection ', result: Failed 05/30/2018 15:36:12 Information Running test: 'Notification Server connectivity', result: Success
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