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CMS-XML cDate in appscripts no longer accepts German date strings as input
cDate in appscripts no longer accepts German date strings as input
CMS-XML Setting Dates In MashupScript
Call Shell.Item.SetFieldValue("DATEANDTIME", CDate ("03/15/2008 12:53:00 PM"))
CMS-XML Modscript: How to subtract two dates
// ignore this part, you'll probably be setting the vars using GetFieldValue or something. var v1 = CDate ("1/29/1978 12:00:00 AM"); var v2 = CDate("1/30/1978 1:00:00 AM");
CMS-XML Can't use now() function in AppScript unless in the English locale since upgrading to SBM 11
Dim CurrKPIDate CurrKPIDate= CDate (now) Call Ext.LogErrorMsg("Keyword now: " & now)
CMS-XML Using AppScript and DateAdd function to increment date by month can result in error: "Numeric overflow -- ERR #2 Line X"
Dim newDay, newMonth, newYear startDate = cdate (left(startDate,10)) ' This avoids an issue where date gets converted with local timezone so could be a day behind without this orgDay=Day(startDate)
CMS-XML Working with Date fields in AppScript
myNewDate = CDate (Left(myDate, InStr(myDate, "T") - 1))

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