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CMS-XML Gridlist report errors when "Always Perform a Primary Sort by Project" unchecked
Gridlist report errors when " Always Perform a Primary Sort by Project " unchecked
CMS-XML 'Always Perform a Primary Sort by Project' does not sort projects by name.
When creating Listing reports the 'Always Perform a Primary Sort by Project' does not sort projects by name. Instead it appears to sort them by project TS_ID. This becomes a problem with large number of projects .
CMS-XML When not using primary sort by project, Editable Grid Report fails
c) Create a Listing report that shows all items. d) On the Sorting tab, remove the option for " Always Perform a Primary Sort by Project " e) Run the report, and switch to Editable Grid.
CMS-XML Project name does not always sort well in Web Admin and win 32 admin
2. In Web Admin go to project tab for application that contains worflow mentioned above. Pay attention that project created by Quick Admin has "Project" name
CMS-XML Listing reports show project names repeated
1. Work in a system with subprojects off a root project, and items in both the root project and the subprojects. 2. In the Listing Report Definition check the box " Sorting > Always Perform a Primary Sort By Project " 3. In the Listing Report Definition uncheck the box "Additional Options>Hide Project Titles"
CMS-XML "Hide Project Titles" option not working on editable grid reports in Work Center
Unchecking the “ Always Perform a Primary Sort by Project ” on the “ Sorting ” tab of the report options will make the project names no longer display in the editable grid report in Work Center, but this will cause the updates to no longer work in the editable grid ( D23312 in our KB).
CMS-XML SBM: Even after translating strings, reports always sort in English
In this example, many of the users speak French, and much of the system has been translated into French. When the users run a report which contains a select field (such as the STATE field), the value displays in French, but the sorting on this column always uses the English text. NOTE: In this defect, we are talking about the state field, but this impacts all fields, including single and multi selection fields, project field, Boolean field, etc.
CMS-XML Export to Excel for multi-table report missing columns for tables after the first
Export to Excel for a multi-table report is missing any columns for fields that were added to the report on tables after the first if the " Always Perform a Primary Sort by Project " setting is unchecked for the report. Checking the "Always Perform a Primary Sort by Project" setting will make the export to Excel work correctly.
CMS-XML Using Workcenter and Editable Grid the user sees error Unable to find enabled update transition even if one exists.
In this case edit the report and click on the Sorting tab. There is an option called " Always Perform a Primary Sort by Project " The defect is that this option must be checked in order for the "Update Only" option to work.
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions Selecting this option will provide links to sort the report data in other ways than by your original sorts. The primary sort by project will always take precedence, if set. You can provide an end date to filter the change history.
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