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CMS-XML "Items Per Page" may not exceed 1,000. message even if the setting is higher in System Administrator
- change "Items Per Page" to 2000 and click Save Expected result : The value should be changed.
CMS-XML Search results have actions showing on the left hand side as a list of text if you create a new database
To reproduce just create a new database in System Administrator and then change to point to it. Then go to Composer and create a New Process app.
CMS-XML All transitions fail to complete in 11.x if you disable record locking
If you disable Record Locking for a particular table (configured in the System Administrator ), it results in an inability to complete any transition for any items within that table and displays this error in the UI: An error occurred while processing the last request. Please contact your administrator.
CMS-XML Can't submit item with required Date field on a custom form and locale set to English (United States, Computer)
If you have a custom submit form with a required Date ( or Date/Time ) field and your Locale set in your User Profile is set to English (United States, Computer) you can't submit an item . ... Trying to submit a form in any of the custom shells like Work Center will result in the form not submitting and no visual indication that anything is wrong. ... Open the System Administrator tool
CMS-XML How to modify the subject line of an outgoing item email
The resulting email a user receives when you send one out from an item is composed by two different template files which both construct your email's subject line. ... This line is what pre-populates the subject field that you see when you go to send an email from an item . ... The resulting auto-generated subject line you should see would resemble something like this: ... No matter what templates you change, be sure to backup your existing ones and perform a "Put files into Database" in the System Administrator after saving the changes.
CMS-XML Items Per Page defaults back to 999 in Application Administrator when entering higher values
- open SBM System Administrator > Options > Settings > Display and increase the " Items Per Page" and "Listing Report Items " from 1000 to 2000 ... - change " Items Per Page" to 2000 and click Save Expected result : ... Actual result : ... " Items Per Page" is set back to 999 when clicking Save
CMS-XML Change the Text Color of Inactive Items
The example below demonstrates how to change the color of inactive items to red. ... 4. From SBM System Administrator , select ... 5. Stop and start your Web server and clear your browser cache for the change to take effect .
CMS-XML Report actions do not display or work on custom form controls if item opened from listing report in dashboard widget
When an item is opened from ... (Back to Results , First Item , Previous Item , Next Item , Last Item ) do not display on the item and if there ... When the item is opened from ... 1. Open SBM System Administrator and perform a File -> Get Files From Database to make sure you are working with the most up to date files. ... 5. Save the file and perform a File -> Put Files Into Database in the SBM System Administrator .
CMS-XML Exception thrown while trying to restore record from archive in SBM 10.1 and newer
Attempting to restore an item from archive in SBM 10.1 and newer after upgrading from a previous version can result in the following error message: "Exception thrown while trying to restore record from archive Insert Error: Column name or number of supplied values does not match table definition."
CMS-XML Back to Results button disappears after updating an item through a report
Development Manager 1. 0 Release Control 3.0Release Control Control 3.1Service Manager 2.0
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