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CMS-XML Team Summary view the graph of utilization is showing assignments = allocations
Team Summary view the graph of utilization is showing assignments = allocations
CMS-XML Use of wild card (*) character when filtering Investments
In the Properties of the Resource Allocations/Assignments view, Filter Investment can include the usage of a wild card character '*'. For example, a filter that will list all Investment Names that starts with "Quality" can be done with these paramters
CMS-XML User Roles do not always appear on User or Groups Tab
Newly defined User Roles do not always appear on the User Or Group Tab, there fore they are not available for usage when defined. Steps to reproduce. 1. Go to Mariner Administration, Users and Security, Roles tab
CMS-XML Resource Allocation Editor takes a very long time to load and CPU spikes at 100%
In Project Investment->Team Roster view and you click on the Resource Allocation Editor button, this causes the CPU usage to peak at about 100%. It does recover but takes too long.
CMS-XML About the new PPM task plan view
Multiple baselines can now be used to track variance on projects or selected portions of projects. WBS, Network, Resource Usage charts and other views are also available, along with a histogram split-screen that makes resource leveling a snap. Each view has a Print Preview and Print option, which allows you to print your project schedule and take it with you to meetings.
CMS-XML Server recommendations for installing Reporting Services
Cons: does not scale. Will not perform well under heavy concurrent usage especially if many reports are executed.
CMS-XML Nightly Post job runs out of memory and/or does not complete
The root cause is a high memory spike will sometimes exceed the allowable RAM per process in a 32bit environment. Technically, each process is allowed up to 2 Gb in user mode, but in practice, ASP.Net will terminate a process without warning if the memory usage exceeds 1.2-1.4Gb. This termination will happen sooner if the machine is sharing resources with another process which is also consuming high amounts of memory.
CMS-XML Using Mariner/PPM without timesheets
In the task plan, go to View | Task Usage . This will open a detail pane in the bottom half of the screen. The detail pane will list each resource assigned to the task.
CMS-XML Using the Microsoft Project Connector with Mariner
After actual work hours from timesheets are posted in Mariner, you can update the associated Microsoft Project plan with this information. When you refresh the plan with timesheet information, the actual work values from the timesheet appear in the Microsoft Project Resource Usage view.
MS-WORD Accessing Mariner Data from Microsoft Excel
SPGetResourceUtilizations SPGetResourceUtilizations returns utilization information for the resources specified in ResourceTeamId and its descendents, for allocations whose start dates or end dates fall inside the range specified by StartDate and EndDate. This stored procedure requires the following permissions at the level of ResourceTeamId:
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