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CMS-XML Report gives error "Cannot create a connection to data source 'DataSource1'. Server location is invalid"
During the install, it will ask for the name of the application server. However, it defaults to the current server name . So, if the report server and the application server are on different machines, the default value will be incorrect.
CMS-XML Report server cannot connect to Mariner App server by name - Query execution failed for data set 'xxxxx'
The setup of Mariner and Microsoft SQL Reporting Services (SRS) requires that both servers can initiate communication with each other. Mariner makes a call to the SRS server which in turn makes calls to the database via a data source that is setup in SRS. All calls to the Mariner database are processed through the Mariner Web application server.
CMS-XML Get message "Unable to obtain list of tables from the data source" when creating a new data source for Excel or other tools.
This should be the name of the connection that Mariner uses and needs to match the case and spelling of the Mariner login screen. If the login screen doesn't show the connection name then login to Mariner and open the Environment Info. link under the drop down for your user name in the top right corner of the screen.
CMS-XML How to use the document manager docstore synch utility.
This utility is only available on installs of Mariner 2008 R2 and up and can be located at the following url. When you substitute your server name in the url above it will be a single text box form with a submit button.
CMS-XML What does the connection string look like for Qtado, Excel and other Ole DB datasource users?
The location is the Mariner server. NOTE:This will work for Mariner On Demand as well with the location set to the fully qualified name like:
CMS-XML Configure Document Manager to access NAS Drive
Enable SPUD provisioning <Database Server Name > for Server Test
CMS-XML Sample report that will show timesheets submitted that need Resource Manager or Project Manager approval.
Click the "New Report" button Click type of "Administrative" and click OK Name the report what you want and choose the name of the report template you uploaded in the previous steps from the drop down.
CMS-XML When opening Documents Manager Administration, PPM Administration, or Agile Administration tool error "ConnectFailure.; Unable to connect to the remote server"
Scroll near the bottom of the file, and see if you have multiple connections created with the same name . If so, change the name of one of the connections to make them unique.
CMS-XML How to use Data Services in MS Excel
Select Serena Mariner Ole DB Provider (Pacific Edge Ole DB Provider) Data source is your Database Connection Name which needs to match the case and spelling on the Mariner login screen in the drop down called "Database" Location is your Application Server/mariner, for example:
CMS-XML When running reports from PPM, get Out of Memory error (System.OutOfMemoryException)
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Pacific Edge Software\OLE DB Provider DataSourceClass PacificEdgeSoftware.OleDb.LocalDataSource.LocalDataSource PacificEdgeSoftware.OleDb.WebService.Clients.WebServicesDataSource HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Pacific Edge Software\WebServiceClients Server Name of the PPM Web Server ( This value comes from the registry not the datasource definition ) Name of the PPM Web Server ( Optional, this value comes from the datasource definition )
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