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CMS-XML What is the SLM License Server HOSTID value for the Locking information field on the SLD site, and how should the generated key be applied to SLM?
Once the keys are generated, click the Download link for each key: In the text file that opens, copy all lines after
CMS-XML SLM 2.3.0 installer fails on Solaris with ./lminst: No Build Installation File ERROR - Cannot Find unzipsfx
OS: Solaris-Generic Sparc +----------------------------------------------------+ | At this point you may choose to: |
CMS-XML SLM: How to access the Serena License Manager through a firewall / What TCP ports are used by the Serena License Manager?
Out of the box, SLM clients (Dimensions CM, Dimensions RM, PVCS Version Manager, SBM, TeamTrack and Tracker) connect to the lmgrd process by trying all ports in the 27000-27009 range on the specified SLM server. Once connected to lmgrd, that server informs the client on what port the merant vendor daemon is listening, after which the client connects to this port to request a license.
CMS-XML Creating a license usage report by parsing the SLM.log / SerenaLicenseServer.log files
Usage data only applies to ... SBM Seat licenses are ... locally on the SBM server, so ... Data from 11: ... ADMINISTRATOR 13 27h.14m.32 s 2 h.05m.44s 04s 22h.08m.49s ... ADMINISTRATOR 13 27h.14m.32 s 2 h.05m.44s 04s 22h.08m.49s ... ADMIN 86 178h.01m.21 s 2 h.04m.12s 01s 139h.48m.28s
CMS-XML Serena License Manager 2.1.5 (SLM 2.1.5)
... DEF193988) SBM named license checkout ... , included with SBM as of release ... When SBM detects a named ... ... client only displays information on expired licenses ... must be launched by right-clicking on the License Manager menu item and selecting Run as Administrator. ... Serena Business Mashups 2009 R3 ... Serena Business Manager ( SBM ) 2009 R4 ... Only replace a library with one that matches in name with the one that is already installed, and that was built for the correct platform (warning: the names for a Linux and Solaris libraries are the same)
CMS-XML SLM 2.2.0 fails to start merant vendor daemon with EXITING DUE TO SIGNAL 30 Exit reason 7
vendor daemon connect to the lmgrd.exe server process using the executables that were shipped with SLM 2.2.0 (possibly enforced by End- Point -Security systems).
CMS-XML How to upgrade the Azul Systems JRE that is used with SLM 2.3.0?
... the latest Zulu build of Java 8 ... If it does not, create it by linking to (or copying from) the file fontconfig.Fedora.bfc ... ), and open a support incident with details about the JRE you downloaded and the issue(s) you encountered. ... file of the latest Zulu build of Java 8 (LTS) JRE for 64-bit Windows: ... ), and open a support incident with details about the JRE you downloaded and the issue(s) you encountered.
CMS-XML SLM HotFix for SLM 2.2.0 to remediate two security vulnerabilities in FlexNet Publisher
... License Manager is built upon. ... 1.2 build 152538 i86 ... ... 1.2 build 152538 x64 ... Extract the contents of the ZIP ... Extract the contents of the TAR ... build 173302 i86 ... build 173302 x64 ... build 173302 x64 ... build 173085 rs64 ... build 173085 rs64_u5 ... build 173085 i86_lsb) started on myserver (linux) (12/9/2015) ... build 173085 i86_lsb ... build 173085 sun64_u9) started on myserver (Sun) (12/9/2015) ... build 173085 sun64_u9
CMS-XML SBM Seat and Content licenses show as Concurrent licenses in SLM
(SBMOccasional_seat) DMC Content (DMC_content)
CMS-XML Launching SBM System Administrator or SBM Login Screen give error "InitExtension Failed" "License Server XXXX could not be contacted"
There are several causes of this problem. The following are items to check. One of these should point out the problem.
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