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CMS-XML SLM 2.2.0 installer gives error "Unable to save file: C:\Windows\Downloaded Installations\{02A4C71D-E690-406D-8A04-9A1A89E4BB2B}\Serena License Manager.msi"
On a Windows system with UAC restrictions enabled, running the SLM 2.2.0 installer may fail with the error: Unable to save file: C:\Windows\Downloaded Installations\{02A4C71D-E690-406D-8A04-9A1A89E4BB2B}\Serena License Manager.msi ... This is caused by that installer not enforcing Administrative execution level.
CMS-XML SLM 2.2.0 does not enforce Administrative execution level for its GUI (SerenaLM.EXE)
In SLM 2.2.0, launching the Serena License Manager GUI (SerenaLM.exe) no longer ensures this process has the administrative execution level that is needed to write the files serena.lic, users.lst
CMS-XML SLM 2.3.0 service stops working after using Configure Services from LMTOOLS
After using Save Service from the Configure Services tab in LMTOOLS (lmtools.exe ), the SLM Server service fails to start with error: Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.
CMS-XML The "Auto-add user IDs for named licenses" checkbox intermittently does not work
When that happens, the change to the checkbox did not 'take', meaning it didn't get written out to licmgr.ini (so the SLM server will not honor it) nor did it get saved into memory: if you switch to another license type and come back, the checkbox will be back in the state it had before you clicked it.
CMS-XML Delays in getting an SLM license causing login lag for TeamTrack/SBM
Unable to obtain write lock on the 'CacheMgr Concurrent Vars' cache after trying 3 time( s ). Lock held in file .\CacheMgr.cpp line 2227. Lock attempted from .\CacheMgr.cpp:2227;
CMS-XML License Manager does not auto-add users even though the checkbox is enabled in the Serena License Manager UI
Manually update the licmgr.ini file in the License Manager directory. Look for the section: [AUTOADD_FEATURES] Add the feature(s) desired and set to "true" Example: For Version Manager named licenses, add: VersionManager_named=true Save the changes and restart the Serena License Manager.
CMS-XML Unable to remove Notification information from SerenaLM
This issue has been fixed in SLM 2.3.0. If all of the following are true, the GUI allow changes to be saved without a valid server: No email server is specified
CMS-XML How to upgrade the Azul Systems JRE that is used with SLM 2.3.0?
Download the .tar.gz file of the latest Zulu build of Java 8 (LTS) JRE for 32-bit Linux: Save this to the directory SLM_Install_Dir /SLM/linux
CMS-XML Dim12: License Manager: User is not on the include list and cannot be added because Auto-Add is not turned on for this feature.
This can be due to some file permissions missing, either licmgr.ini cannot be read by the lmgrd service or users.lst cannot be written to.
CMS-XML AIX 7.1 / Install of SLM 2.2.0 => Not enough space on to install product
Save the file, then restart the installation.
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