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CMS-XML SLM Error: Invalid license key (inconsistent authentication code)
The SerenaLicenseServer.log or serena.log file shows the following error messages:
CMS-XML SLM service fails to launch on UNIX - SerenaLicenseSerer.log has error "(lmgrd) merant exited with status 47 (Child cannot exec requested server)"
) -T orl-sup-sun1 11.12 4 -c /usr/serena/SerenaLicenseManager/solaris64/serena.lic 8:05:59 (lmgrd) license daemon: system error code : No such file or directory 8:05:59 (lmgrd) merant exited with status 47 (Child cannot exec requested server)
CMS-XML SLM Options file doesn't work (All licenses are reserved for others. (-101,396))
We're sorry, but the last operation caused an error. The last operation resulted in an error , but the following unrecognized error code was received:
CMS-XML ZMF Started Task receiving a SOC4 when license loaded in CSA
CMS-XML SLM vendor daemon cannot use "localhost" as SERVER identifier
Unfortunately a bug in the FLEXlm code licensed by Serena, which the merant vendor daemon is using, prevents this from working. ... Since that IP address may not be valid, attempt to contact the lmgrd process fail, yielding the following error in the SerenaLicenseServer.log file in the SLM directory:
CMS-XML After upgrade to Serena License Manager 2.2 licenses show count of 0
error indicates problems with the keys. If this is combined with inconsistent authentication code
CMS-XML LIC9999E - TOKEN FAILED occurring until ser10ty LOAD CSA job run twice
Note: The LIC9999E - TOKEN FAILED message DOES NOT not indicate an error . This message was apparently added to the code for debugging purposes and never removed; it will be removed.
CMS-XML Hotfix for SLM 2.1.5 on Windows when the license server becomes unresponsive and the merant.exe process uses near 100% of a CPU core
On some systems running Microsoft Windows, the merant.exe process (a.k.a. the Serena vendor daemon) can get stuck in a loop and use near 100% of a CPU core. While the vendor daemon is in this state, Serena products using SLM may report error like:
CMS-XML Error "Invalid license key" when paste key into Serena License Manager
Error "Invalid license key" when paste key into Serena License Manager
CMS-XML SLM Install Service – 1067 Error
SLM Install Service – 1067 Error
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