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CMS-XML How to enable SLM client logging?
How to enable SLM client logging?
CMS-XML The Version Manager Desktop Client GUI and/or the Serena License Manager GUI no longer show up in Exceed
The Version Manager Desktop Client GUI and/or the Serena License Manager GUI no longer show up in Exceed
CMS-XML SLM: How to access the Serena License Manager through a firewall / What TCP ports are used by the Serena License Manager?
Communication between Serena License Manager (SLM) clients and the SLM server requires two ports: one port to communicate with the generic FLEXlm server component that is part of SLM ("lmgrd"), and one port to communicate with the SLM-specific vendor daemon ("merant").
CMS-XML Serena License Manager 2.1.5 (SLM 2.1.5)
1.1 Support for Native x86 64bit Windows (server-side fix) Serena License Manager now supports native x86 64bit Windows servers and clients . 1.2 (DEF193988) SBM named license checkout may result in unnecessary calls to SLM server (client-side fix, included with SBM as of release 2009 R4 and newer)
MS-EXCEL slm_214_Supported_Platform_Matrix.xls
The "Server OS" worksheet describes the Server operating systems The " Client OS" worksheet describes the Client operating systems The "Database Management Systems" worksheet describes which DBMS versions are supported
CMS-XML How to setup Dimensions CM, RM and other Serena products to utilize the SBM SSO using LDAP authentication model
With SSO turned on, the user will be redirected from the client to the SBM SSO application. Once the user is authenticated via LDAP, a SAML token will be issued to the client for the user. If the user exists in the client requesting authentication, the user will be logged in, otherwise a login failure will occur.
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Reported Defect DEF89890: Login failure requests for more licenses than this features supports when named licenses are in use.
This defect (DEF89890) has been corrected as of Serena Dimensions CM 10.1.1, when combined with Serena License Manager (SLM) 2.1.4. A workaround for earlier Dimensions releases is to ensure that all users who logon from two or more client machines do not use a named license.
CMS-XML Delays in getting an SLM license causing login lag for TeamTrack/SBM
When the SLM server log (SerenaLicenseServer.log) shows that SLM is using IP addresses instead of host names, this can be indicative of significantly reduced login performance. The reason for this is that the SLM client was not able to successfully perform a hostname lookup for the IP address of the end-user's PC, sometimes referred to as a reverse DNS lookup. A failed lookup can take a long time to complete if the DNS server(s) cannot be reached, or if NetBIOS is enabled on any of the network adapters.
CMS-XML SLM 2.2.0 installer gives error "Unable to save file: C:\Windows\Downloaded Installations\{02A4C71D-E690-406D-8A04-9A1A89E4BB2B}\Serena License Manager.msi"
This issue has been fixed in SLM 2.3.0. This server is backward compatible with SLM 2.2.0 client and should be used instead of SLM 2.2.0 on any machine that supports it.
CMS-XML TeamTrack stability issues when using SLM 2.1.4
This patch applies to TeamTrack 6.6.1 (prior to installations with version 2.1.4 of Serena License Manager. This patch overwrites the Serena License Manager client
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