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CMS-XML Unable to remove Notification information from SerenaLM
The only way to remove notification information , once it is entered, is by manual modification of licmgr.ini file located in slm installation directory.
CMS-XML Launching SBM System Administrator or SBM Login Screen give error "InitExtension Failed" "License Server XXXX could not be contacted"
There are several causes of this problem. The following are items to check. One of these should point out the problem.
CMS-XML SLM 2.3.0 installer fails on Solaris with ./lminst: No Build Installation File ERROR - Cannot Find unzipsfx
OS: Solaris-Generic Sparc +----------------------------------------------------+ | At this point you may choose to: |
CMS-XML SLM (Serena License Manager): No features to serve, exiting. Exiting due to SIGNAL 27 Exit Reason 4
In one case the INCREMENT line in the license file contains backslashes as separators and have the format \<lf><tab>. When entering these by hand just in Notepad they were being entered as \<cr><lf><tab> which caused the license manager to misunderstand the content of the file.
CMS-XML If you have multiple license keys for a named feature, failures to get one of them say: No such feature exists. (-5,412)
This is obviously wrong, as the feature mentioned in the error definitely exists in the license file. The out-of-license errors for the multi-key scenario need to be the same as for the single key scenario, as they provide more useful information .
CMS-XML SBM Seat and Content licenses show as Concurrent licenses in SLM
When SBM Seat licenses or Contents licenses are added to SLM, their count shows up in the SLM UI in the column for Concurrent licenses. This can lead customers to believe that they have concurrent licenses when in fact they do not .
CMS-XML What is the SLM License Server HOSTID value for the Locking information field on the SLD site, and how should the generated key be applied to SLM?
from the License Manager directory. If you cannot launch the SLM GUI and you have SLM 2.3.0 or newer installed, go the License Manager directory and run: slm hostid
CMS-XML How to setup Dimensions CM, RM and other Serena products to utilize the SBM SSO using LDAP authentication model
</Setting> </Setting> At this point , the Dimensions CM user can login using SBM SSO only if the user name exists in SBM. Step 3 is only necessary if you do not want to require your CM, RM or other SSO user to be in SBM.
CMS-XML Hotfix for SLM 2.1.5 on Windows when the license server becomes unresponsive and the merant.exe process uses near 100% of a CPU core
BaseLocator.licenseFailure code=-16; explanation: Cannot read data from license server system. (-16,287)
CMS-XML Creating a license usage report by parsing the SLM.log / SerenaLicenseServer.log files
NOTE: Only Named and Concurrent license check-ins and check-outs are tracked in the SLM log files, so that is the only activity this utility will help with. In other words, License Manager cannot not track SBM Seat license check-outs and check-ins, so you won't see that information in this output
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