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CMS-XML Notification Server: Exception occurs on retry event creation
org.springframework.dao.InvalidDataAccessApiUsageException: Write operations are not allowed in read-only mode ( FlushMode .MANUAL): Turn your Session into FlushMode.COMMIT/AUTO or remove 'readOnly' marker from transaction definition.
CMS-XML Unchecking "Override Inherited Field Order" checkbox within project saves automatically instead of allowing a cancel
When the "Override Inherited Field Order" checkbox within a project's Default Fields section or on a specific transition or state is unchecked, that change is saved right away and does not allow for not saving that change which will cause any field order overrides to be lost.
CMS-XML Submit tree expansion not being saved
During the Browse and Submit into SBM 2009 R4.x you get your projects listed. If there are sub projects there is a "+" symbol allowing tree expansion. In the upper right part of the screen is a 'save' button.
CMS-XML SBM allows user to overwrite their user profile with that of another user
A user can overwrite their user profile with that of another user if they use the "Log On as Another User" feature, open a second browser window or tab to SBM, go to the user's profile by clicking on their user name in either tab, go to the other tab and change the "Log On as Another User" back to themself, and then click the save profile button on the tab that is still displaying the user profile for the user they were logged in as previously.
CMS-XML Composer crashes during comparison in various operations
If you are using the Compare function in Composer, then the current recommendation to avoid possible crashes is to check-out the whole Process App being modified before attempting to copy in anything from the non-open version. Specifically, do not check-out as you are going along, one piece at a time or, if you must do that, then use the save function often, or even check-in and then save .
CMS-XML Missing string background color after upgraded to SBM11.0 - using appscript to write html
This is expected functionality of the RTE sanitizer. Go to Web Admin > Projects > Base Project > Details, and scroll down to the Security section just below the HTML5. The HTML Sanitizer Configuration delineates what CSS properties are permitted .
CMS-XML Search filters conditions are removed when user tries to save a report
6. The following messaye is displayed “You do not have permission to modify this report to the specified Access level. Choose a permissible Access Level.”
CMS-XML SBM external tmtrack virtual directory not allowing authentication
Changing this and an IIS reset will make it work. Applying changes in configurator will over write these changes so you may want to edit application engine\bin\urlrewriter\iirfWorkcenter.ini to be as you want it. This is the base used for Configurator to write to iirf.ini.
CMS-XML Importing a blueprint allows database name to be changed
Per the SBM Composer Guide - The following list describes the items that are locked after a process app is published:
CMS-XML Deleted Users option not functioning in multi table reports
When creating a multi table report and selecting the deleted user option in the search filter, the query returns no results. This works as expected when creating a listing report.
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