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CMS-XML The only Windows 7 Theme that can be properly used in Mashup Composer is the Windows Classic one
The only Windows 7 Theme that can be properly used in Mashup Composer is the Windows Classic one
CMS-XML Export to excel spreadsheet has "Use 1904 date system" set. This is not the Windows default and if copy and paste dates across spreadsheet will lose 4 years 1 day
The export to excel spreadsheet SBM creates has the date format set to "Use 1904 date system". This is the default Mac format and not that for Windows Excel.
CMS-XML How to customize relational field (Single Relational and Multi-Relational fields) searches
When there is a single relational or multi-relational field on a form, you can open the advanced search window and search for ID or Title. However, by default the quick search will only search for words in the related table's title field. Depending on your situation, you may want to search other fields as well.
CMS-XML SRC: Scrollbars missing in IE9 after resizing browser window
1 ) Open SRC in IE9. Set the browser mode : IE9.
CMS-XML Resizing window in SRC causes current operation to fail
Steps to reproduce 1 . Logon to SRC > Catalog tab 2. Select a service to submit a request
CMS-XML SRP: Window size and display issues when submit form is accessed from outside link
Steps to reproduce: 1 ) Go to http://<server>/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll?shell=srp#catalog 2) Select any category and click on any Service Request
CMS-XML Opening item in a New Window causes issues in browser
Steps to reproduce 1 ) Logon to SBM User Workspace 2) Go to Reports > select ‘Browser Built-in Reports’
CMS-XML E-mail buttons not available when Single Frame View enabled in User Profile
When Single Frame View is enabled in a User Profile, when e-mail a user by means of clicking on the envelope in a item by a user field, or by clicking the envelope next to the actions, if doing this via a laptop or smaller monitor, the email actions are not accessible in the resulting window (ie. cancel, send, etc.).
CMS-XML Relational field pop-up windows are not opening
On the HTML5 enabled User Workspace click on the pop-up window command button on Contact or Company single relational fields during a transition. The popup window shall open just fine if one clicks on the pop-up button straight away. However if one clicks first on a memo field , e.g. the system Description field and then clicks on the popup button, no windows shall open.
CMS-XML Windows X button on user Profile should function exactly like the cancel button
If one edits a user profile and then "cancels" the operation using the X button rather than cancel, the next time the user tries to edit the profile without removing admin locks, access will be denied.
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