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CMS-XML Sub-Relational field values are shown as UUID's in Form Actions configuration dialog
2) Add Single-Selection/Multi-Selection field to table with some custom values defined in field property editor; 3) Add Single- Relational field to same table and map it to same table (as it set by default); 4) Add Sub-Relational field to same table and map it to previously configured Single-Relational field in same table and set Single-Selection/Multi-Selection field as Sub-Field;
CMS-XML Form action does not work with sub-relational field
Steps to reproduce 1) In SBM Composer, create a Single Selection field called "Field A". Add "x", "y" and "z" values 2) Create a Single Relational field called "Field B" and make it point to the current primary table
CMS-XML Form action does not evaluate "(None)" value as empty when checking rule of "Is Field Empty"
Form actions and rules used in form actions are not evaluating the "(None)" value in relational, multi-relational, and sub-relational fields as empty when checking "Is Field Empty".
CMS-XML Sub-relational field (Single Selection) iValue set to '(None)'
In Composer bind the field to the appropriate [ID] field. At runtime (State Form ), if the driving relational field is not set , then the iValue in the sub-relational field span contains "(None)". The iValue should contain "0" which is what it is set to if the driving relational field is set to an item that has '(None)' as the value in the sub-relational (single selection) field.
CMS-XML Form Action does not display message.
A Form Action set to display a message when an change is made to a Multi Relational field does not display the message. Seems to work for all other field types.
CMS-XML Relational fields are treated as not empty on a Form Action because '(None)' is being seen as a value
enable 'text field is not empty' text field And pop up ' relational field is not empty' Else
CMS-XML Sub Relational fields don't fill in if initial value in the first record is blank.
As a workaround make sure the very first default record that shows on the form has a value in all the dependent relational fields or setup the dependency in the workflow so there isn't an initial value set for the independent field.
CMS-XML Form Action Support for System relational fields
Form Action Support for System relational fields
CMS-XML Rest Grids do not work with Sub-Relational fields in 10.1.2 (Example: PDF Widget)
1. Have two Process apps (A and B), A is referenced to B and has a Single-Relational and Sub-Relational field. 2. Have a form (Submit form ) on A process app with RestGrid that uses Sub-Relational field as a parameter 1. Try to submit an A item.
CMS-XML Disabled Multi-Relational or Multi-Selection field on form causes data loss
If you disable a multi- relational field on a transition form using a form action , transitioning the item will clear all selected values in the multi- relational field .
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