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CMS-XML The specified schema name either does not exist or you do not have permission to use it
After copying an SBM database to a new database and trying to deploy an application to it, the deploy log contains the following types of error: ERROR -- UNEXPECTED ERROR: Error creating table <TABLE NAME >, ERROR -- UNEXPECTED ERROR: Error creating table <TABLE NAME>,
CMS-XML Killer Import Error: Executing SQL directly; no cursor. Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'order' doing import from db
This problem happens when you go through the wizard to setup the import. On the screen where you " Specify Data to Import" you pick your table and if you choose the "Data type of matching column" and choose "Character" your import will work fine as long as you don't put anything in the "where" box. So if you choose "Character" as the matching column and put anything in the "Select records from source table when" box then you will get the following error when you run the import.
CMS-XML Long ts_internalname and/or ts_name doesn't work with AppScript with Oracle db
When referencing ts_name or ts_internalname in ts_states with an app script, if either is over 30 characters, it fails with "ORA-00972:Identifier is too long" which is due to an Oracle limitation. It appears we accommodate this limitation in other areas in Composer when creating names /internal names , States can still be created with long names /internal names .
CMS-XML Javascript: Form Validation does not work when two fields have the same display name
Example to reproduce: 1) Create a transition form with two text fields with the same display name (different db name ), make sure both are required 2) Enable form validation feature for this form
CMS-XML Importing relational fields that point to system contacts table shouldn't key off Last Name during import.
ontacts in the xls can be specified with the first name in addition to the last name (2 different formats). First name will be considered during import.
CMS-XML error: "Underlying Error: No compatible tokens found for the request."
Using SQL Server with SBM where the DB name has a space
CMS-XML ComboBox does not work with form actions
Example: ["item1","item2"].indexOf(GetFieldValue("ComboBox","))>-1; GetFieldValue(controlname, defaultvalue [, path]) It will return the display value of the named field (or the numeric ID of the value if specified in the optional path).
CMS-XML Web-service output mapping does not accept internal value for Groups into multiuser field
To work round this, specify the full group name , such as "IDM Administrator". If this is not possible, then use an Orchestration rather than calling the Web Service directly.
CMS-XML SBM Configurator does not recognize local host if fully qualified domain name is used
Specify the host name using only the server name or IP address.
CMS-XML If SQLServer2008 or higher is used and instance name is set, common logger exception occur
This is caused when using the default instance name "MSSQLSERVER". Instead of specifying this default instance, please do not specify any instance name in the Configurator when the default instance is being used.TO resolve
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