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CMS-XML Trying to connect Composer using Secure SSL Connection get error "The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel"
If you try to connect Composer to the repository using a secure connection, you may get the following errors when it tries to connect. This would by default try to use the 8243 JBoss/ Tomcat port.
CMS-XML How to setup jboss web server to use the same SSL key pair as IIS -- 2009R3 and later
When SBM is configured with the Application Engine and JBOSS servers on the same server, it is possible to setup the JBOSS Tomcat web server to use the same SSL key pair used to secure IIS. This article assumes that IIS has already been configured to use SSL. This how to is for SBM 10.1 and higher.
CMS-XML How to enable SBM to communicate via SSL with a SQL Server database in SBM 11.x
If your MS SQL Server is setup with the Force Encryption value set to yes then you will have to make the following changes for SBM to communicate with it. If your SQL server is setup this way then the Application Engine components will work fine because they connect via ODBC but the Tomcat components will fail to connect via JDBC and need the following changes made to the JDBC connection string in order to connect to the SQL Server database.
CMS-XML Alias value doesn't show in configurator for Tomcat Server.
C:\Program Files\Serena\SBM\Common\Tomcat 7.0\server\default\conf\serena.keystore If you edit the following file and look at the alias for the ssl connectors you can manually change the alias to point to your certificate. C:\Program Files\Serena\SBM\Common\Tomcat 7.0\server\default\conf\server.xml
CMS-XML All communication from Tomcat to IIS fails if Client Certificate Authentication is enabled
IssueRequestHandler.processRequest(136): Error acquiring security token: Error authenticating user "aaaa": Web Services "https:// serverName :443/gsoap/gsoap_ ssl .dll?sbminternalservices72" returned an error: " Connection reset"
CMS-XML Configurator does not import IIS certificate chain
When importing an SSL certificate for IIS or JBoss/ Tomcat , the intermediate CA (and possibly the root) does not get put into the certificate store.
CMS-XML Manual Steps for Importing and Exporting Trusted Certificates to Establish Client Certificate Authentication
... each IIS and Tomcat server: ... Select the Enable SSL Client Certificate Authentication ... . On each Tomcat server, click ... ... certificate from each Tomcat server to the ... ... certificates from each Tomcat server. ... server to each Tomcat server. ... . On each Tomcat server, click ... ... client certificate for Tomcat . ... ensure that each Tomcat machine has the ... imported from each Tomcat server. ... , server- tomcat 1, server- tomcat 2. ... to import all tomcat certificates. On server- tomcat 1 you need to import ae and tomcat 2 certificates. On server- tomcat 2 you need to import ae and tomcat 1 certificates.
PDF ScalingfortheEnterprise
... NetworkSecurity ClientscanuseHTTPoverSecureSocketsLayer( SSL )encryptiontocommunicatewiththe SBMServer ... With SSL ,alldatatransmittedbetweentheSBMServerandtheclientsisencrypted. ... SBM IIS / Tomcat components distributed on separate servers SBM IIS server: Windows 2016 Server, Dual CPU 2GHz, 16GB RAM SBM Tomcat servers: Windows 2016 Server, Dual CPU 2GHz, 16GB RAM Database Server: Windows 2016 Server, Quad CPU 3.2GHz, 16GB RAM 4. SBM IIS Web Farm / Tomcat Cluster SBM IIS Web Farm – SBM IIS server ... 16GB RAM – And more as needed SBM Tomcat Cluster – Node ...
CMS-XML SSO and SSL: Only secure content is displayed and users get error about mixed content
SSO and SSL : Only secure content is displayed and users get error about mixed content
CMS-XML Adding Unsecure URL in a Secure Service Request Center
If you are running your Service Request Center under SSL , that is, you access it through https://server/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll?shell=srp, and you attempt to add a url to a non- secure site (http), you will receive an error in your browser's console and the page will not load.
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