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CMS-XML How to setup a url that will log straight into an SBM shell like Request Center, Demand Center etc.
Development Manager 4 .5Release Control 4 .5Release Manager 4 .5Requirements Manager 4 .5SBM Manager 4 .5
CMS-XML An exception occurs in solfwk log after SSO token expiration (Intermittent)
Solfwlk logs logs exception after SSO token expiration 1.Login to srp shell 2. Wait for SSO token to expire
CMS-XML SBM On-Demand: Display issues with MLS Shell in SBM 10.1.5
On-Demand users noticed multiple display issues when logging to SRC and using the MLS shell in SBM 10.1.5 Steps to reproduce Logon to Serena Request Center as a French Locale user and using the MLS shell
CMS-XML Unknown ALF events don't show in event log
If an ALF event was received, it would appear in the event manager log. This no longer seems to be the case . <,/p>
CMS-XML Confusing Error message in Application Repository Log
Changed from error to warn in the case if the application does not contain *-sdf.xml/*-sla.xml file. Status check was added before processing response from SDF/SLA servers for deploy/undeploy cases in
CMS-XML Administrator Portal shouldn't log you out when you click Exit.
Customer is complaining about this behavior because they have trained their users to not hit the X in sbm as it keeps their license in use for a time so they click Logout. In the case of the admin portal the Exit link logs them out of SBM as well.
CMS-XML Logging into Request Center and get "Error getting catalog: Not found" error
If you use Chrome there are some good troubleshooting tools you can use by pressing F12 on the keyboard. If you do that look at the screenshot below and see if you get a similar error on the "Network" tab. In this case we're getting a 404 error when the catalog tries to load.
CMS-XML JBoss service does not stop in some cases
The JBoss service wrapper was changed in SBM 2009 R4 and in some instances, the service does not stop gracefully. Errors will be recieved in the service_shutdown.log located in "Program Files\Serena\SBM\Common\jboss405\server\default\ log ".
CMS-XML SRP shell session fails with user session timeout set
After setting User Session Timeout to 10 minutes in SBM, the user is immediately logged out (session timeout) when navigating to http://server/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll? shell =srp . This occurs when running SBM 11.2 and SSM 5.2.2 and 5.2.1.
CMS-XML IE9 scrollbar disappears when browsing requests in SRP shell
- log in to the SRP shell and create a new service request (make sure IE 9 is full screen). It needs to have enough content to stretch beyond one browser screen height so a good one is a new server request.
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