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PDF SBM Application Administrator Features
Use, duplication, and disclosure by the U.S. Government is subject to the restrictions set forth in the license under which the Software was acquired. ... ▪ Web service enumeration mapping for state and transition actions ... ▪ General Notification Server options such as the maximum subject length, retry period and count , and the sender that appears in subject and body. ... ▪ Expired notification time and the expired messages logging option. ... ▪ General logging for both the Notification Server and Mail Client and the connection timeout setting.
CMS-XML ttlicenseusage.log only records concurrent licenses for the "full" user and not named
If you switch on logging of license usage in the Admnistrator you do not currently get named licenses logged . Only concurrent licenses are logged.
CMS-XML When Auto-logout logs an SBM user off, the license-timeout is reset to 60 minutes from the point of logout.
When SBM has Auto-logout enabled, and the configuration is not using SSO as the login handler, the 60 minute license -timeout clock is reset to the time the user is logged off as opposed to leaving it at the time of their last activity.
CMS-XML Concurrent licenses are not released as expected with Active Diagnostics set to Trace
Please use the Active Diagnostics trace setting for limited periods of time as the additional logging is causing Concurrent License to be retained for longer than expected.
CMS-XML Extra emails about license errors
License Manager will send out license error emails about Tracker named or TrackerInet named licenses not being available when a user logs into the web interface successfully with a TeamTrack named license .
CMS-XML Logging on the Mashup manager uses a License
After performing an IISRESET the Mashup Manager consumes license This seem to happen when logging onto the MM and when the Deployed Mashup Tab is clicked from an environment
CMS-XML Administrator Portal shouldn't log you out when you click Exit.
Customer is complaining about this behavior because they have trained their users to not hit the X in sbm as it keeps their license in use for a time so they click Logout. In the case of the admin portal the Exit link logs them out of SBM as well.
CMS-XML Index Errors Appear in Application Event Log Error with UCMDB Integration
An exception occurred while attempting to fetch a record count or a record integer value from the database. The SQL is:
CMS-XML SBM user licenses, laptop and mobile/fixed devices
A license will be set for clean up once the user clicks the Exit link in the interface; in SBM 11.4, simply closing the web browser will act like clicking the Exit link in the UI. Clicking this link should return the user to a landing page. If clicking this link logs the user back in (because you are using Windows Authentication), then we need to change in setting in [1]
CMS-XML If you change a user from Regular to Occasional or vice versa then the license used does not change
(3) Login as user in (1). Check license log and license not being checked out.
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