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CMS-XML SBM quietly replaces invalid dates with the inaccurate value 30.01.1900. if the date format is set to
However if the Date/Time field format is '' the above error message will not be thrown in such a case and instead the field will regardless of the locale be filled with the inaccurate value of '30.01.1900'
CMS-XML Date format in article for Knowledge Management in SRC does not use locale set in SBM
In an article in the Knowledge Management in Serena Request Center the date format from SBM is ignored and it is always shown is US format . To reproduce: (1) Set date format in SBM to dd/mm/yyyy
CMS-XML Dates within email notifications to users that have 'use date/time format from locale' set are incorrectly displayed
Dates within email notifications to users that have a datetime display setting of 'use date/time format from locale' set are incorrectly displayed e.g. submit date. The notification server cannot know what the locale of the users machine is and therefore would understandably revert to a setting on the server. However, the locale of the server is set to a non-US locale e.g.UK the date is still displayed in US format - mm/dd/yyyy.
CMS-XML GetFieldValue() does not apply user's locale when referencing a subrelational date field
In certain scenarios the getFieldValue Javascript function returns dates in the default format instead of the date format selected by the user. For example the regional settings are set to use a date formatting of dd/mm/yyyy so a date of 07/10/2015 should be returned as 07 October 2015, however for this particular field only the returned date is Fri Jul 10 2015 00:00:00.
CMS-XML Non-US locale (date) settings cause form date validation failures
Non-US locales (date format) can cause form failures when validating Date fields. The only workaround is to switch date format back to US style.
CMS-XML Rich Text Editor Changes have broken locale-specific shortcuts
For many non-English locales, it is possible to get accented characters with keyboard shortcuts, such as AltGr-a, AltGr-c etc. When using the Rich Text Editor in a system from 10.1.5 onwards, these keystrokes are taken instead as formatting shortcuts for the editor. The only workaround at the moment is to compose your strings in an external editor and copy them in to the field.
CMS-XML Using Locale setting for Date/Time in user profile causes date to get saved wrong in aux item via appscript.
This defect revolves around the Date/Time setting a user has selected in their user profile. When the user has the setting set to "Use the Date/Time Format from Locale " in their profile and they run a transition that calls an appscript that creates an aux item and sets the date in the aux item, the date gets stored in the database with a year of 1899.
CMS-XML xml email submission fails in non-English locales
The only workaround is to ensure that only periods are used as decimal points and that the locale of the user submitting also has a period as the decimal point. As such emails are usually coming from special userids, this affects the locale setting only for that user. Any other user will see the number displayed in his chosen format : 10.22 or 10,22
CMS-XML SRC Mobile 5.2.1 crashes
The workaround: set date/ format to "date format from locale
PDF SBM Application Administrator Features
▪ $TRIGGEREDDATETIME() Returns the date and time the notification rule became "true" for an item. Date and time are formatted for the locale set in each user's profile.
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