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CMS-XML Unable to Map Endpoints during Promotion
You could get an “Unknown errors occurred in the server” error message when you try to choose destination endpoints in the Promote dialog box. This is likely to be caused by a synchronization problem with the system clock. To work around this problem, clone the environment (click Clone
CMS-XML Cannot initialise the value array so that previous values are wiped out for orch having a loop that creates/updates a multi field in an SBM item (or any array).
1) Get Items by query returns multiple SBM items a. Have a ForEachIetm loop that processes each returned item and creates a clone with CreatePrimaryItem 2) Each of the above items has a multi-relational field with one or many values
CMS-XML SOAP Fault String: No compatible tokens found on the request SOAP Fault Code: soapenv:Client.wsse:FailedAuthentication
Open the Environment area Click the option to clone your existing environment Deploy your process app to the environment you just created, No changes to the endpoints is necessary.

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