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CMS-XML Upgrade to 10.1.2 loses the table for $CHANGES in html notifications and by default shows all change history
Prior to 10.1.2 if the $CHANGES() tag is added to the email template then it was displayed in a table format. With 10.1.2, by default CHANGES() gives all change history and no longer present the changes in a table format (this is by design and documented in the Application Administrator guide).
PDF Serena Service Manager
... to normal operation after service interruptions as ... ... is calculated automatically after the Urgency and ... ... routed to resolved after being submitted. ... a very positive response to the survey ... ... that the user responded negatively. ... of the survey responses . Upgrade Reason UPGRADE_ ... reason why this upgrade is needed. ... upon service operations after changes are implemented ... ... Set to Yes after the assessment has ... ... is calculated automatically after you select Urgency ... ... the risk survey answers . ... is calculated automatically after the user selects ... ... available in a response ) functionality required ... ... Re-Try after Missing Manufacturer Error ...
CMS-XML Custom form loses background color after upgrade to 09R1
Custom form loses background color after upgrade to 09R1
CMS-XML Email submit issues after upgrade from 2008 R2.04 to 2009 R4.03
The mailclient's timeout value when receiving mail (or attachments) from the mail -server was shortened. Currently, there is no workaround, unless it is possible to setup a local server from which there is less delay.
CMS-XML User Preferences Lost After Clearing Browser Cookies
The following user preferences are set only in the Web interface and are stored in cookies: Use Tabs When Viewing Items, Use Accessible Interface, and Tabs to Display. These preferences may be lost when users clear their browser cookies or after upgrading to a new version of Business Mashups.
CMS-XML Email replies from Lotus Notes not posting correctly
When a user receives an e-mail from a mashup item in Lotus Notes and replies to it, that reply may not post correctly to the originating item - the message does get received, but only the subject line is posted, and the body of the e-mail is lost . In the mail log, a message stating that extra data was cleared off socket is observed.
CMS-XML Distributed installations: Empty tabs appear in Configurator after upgrade
The Performance tab in Configurator is only used when either Orchestration Engine, Application Engine, or Mail Services are detected on the server. However, an empty Performance tab appears in Configurator after upgrading to even if none of these components are installed.
CMS-XML Project field overrides may be lost when upgrading from 6.6.x to SBM
Project field overrides may be lost when upgrading from 6.6.x to SBM
CMS-XML All external users are visible as potential recipients when sending email from SBM
If you have upgraded to 2009 R3.02 or to 2009 R4.02 or later , you may see all External Users as potential recipients when sending an email from an item. The fix for DEF173464 created a new entry in the TS_SYSTEMSETTINGS table of SBM and incorrectly set the value to 1.
CMS-XML More Actions button shows duplicate entries for "Printable View", "Click to Send Email" and "Copy URL to Clipboard"
After making this change open the System Administrator and under the File option choose to "Put Files into Database" otherwise you will lose your changes the next time you restart IIS. You shouldn't need to restart any services, just refresh the browser. You may have to clear the browser cache if you don't see the changes immediately.
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