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CMS-XML UpdateWithLock() appscript method doesn't lock item so it fails
line 4182. Resource Msg Id = IDS_MSG_ LOCKS _RECORDMUSTBELOCKEDBEFOREUPDATE The user must have the record locked before update. Instead of using UpdateWithLock() you will want to use the Lock() method, do your update, and then use UnLock() method.
CMS-XML Import process locked
If an import fails in the Application Administrator then the import process is not released and an error message is received telling the user the Process is still in use and therefore locked . The user can not run the import process again until the system is restarted.<\p>>
CMS-XML Decision step operation fails during automatic execution
Lock for this record has been broken : We're sorry, Chad Support, but your lock on this record was broken . By using the back button you may be able to see the changes you were about to make. If your data has been cleared please re-enter it.
CMS-XML Asynch orch failures leave the JMS record and the orch is unexpectedly and automatically re-run many times.
<transportSender name="jms" class="org.apache.axis2.transport.jms.JMSSender"> <parameter name="tscTopicConnectionFactory" locked ="false"> <parameter name="java.naming.factory.initial">org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContextFactory</parameter>
CMS-XML Update transition that happens at same time as Asynchronous orchestration causes Change History to be incorrect
* The asynchronous orchestration moves the item to a state called "Transition", does some addition work, and finally moves the item to a state called "Assigned". * To ensure success, the transition calls does by the orchestration are set to break locks . 2) Start the Assign transition.
CMS-XML No prompt to save changes before advancing to next item in Manage Aux Data view
When editing an entry in an aux table under the Manage Auxiliary Data section of the Application Administrator, a prompt is not thrown to save changes if you try to advance to the next or previous item using the navigation buttons at the bottom if you forget to hit the 'Update' button before doing so. This will effectively place a lock on the item which you'll have to break .
CMS-XML Cancel from a transition in SSM, retry the transition and you get a black screen
Use the back button or restart browser to try and resolve. You will also need to break the lock . Please contact support for a more permanent fix.
CMS-XML Unable to Delete when transition authentication is used on delete transition
"You have already started work on this item that has not yet been completed. If you wish to continue and discard your work on previous transitions, click ' Break Lock '. If you choose to break the lock, the record is not deleted and the loop persists to enter authentication and break lock until such time as cancel is chosen to break the lock.
PDF Best Practices for Concurrent Development with SBM 10.x
If someone has checked out a design element and is no longer available to either undo the check out or check in the changes, a designer with the Break Lock privilege in Application Repository can resolve the problem. When this designer opens a process app from the repository, or performs a get latest operation, the constituent design parts are copied to the local cache.
CMS-XML Calendar Icon shows as a broken image
Calendar Icon shows as a broken image
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