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CMS-XML Add Note in Actions missing when using custom state forms for SRC
4. Back up the files to a location outside of the SBM directory in case you need to restore the original files. 5. Edit the files and comment out the following line : if (index == 0) return; // skip first option
CMS-XML We do not support action type of transition on transition that is coming in to a Decision.
Workaround is to go into Application Engine/bin/javascript/aeplugin_2009_r2.js and take a backup copy of the file and then locate the following line : function ResizeEmbeddedReportFrame(id)
CMS-XML Journal field adds line feeds when pipe characters are used in the content.
Remove the | pipe character from the text of the journal field If you create a form action on any form where a user can add to the journal field with the following. In the "When" part of the form action put "this form is about to be submitted"
CMS-XML Report actions do not display or work on custom form controls if item opened from listing report in dashboard widget
4. Replace the following lines : if (parentInSBMFrameset && parent.Detail) var detailUrl = parent.Detail.location.href;
CMS-XML Issue with JavaScript in Service Portal's project: New PC Request
Opened Composer and go to the SSM Starter Pack> PC Request form and went to Actions > Submit: Set Description> Edit> Click the link> Last line of Receiving Address take away the comma.
CMS-XML Custom forms leaving blank space when memo or journal fields hidden with JavaScript
Multi- line edit fields (memo or journal text fields) that are hidden using JavaScript or form actions on custom forms leave blank spaces on the form rather than compressing the rest of the fields together to close up the empty space like it used to in versions prior to SBM
CMS-XML Logging user added to group is written differently to TS_AdminChanges whether one uses the Web Admin or the System Admin.
Logging user added to group is written differently to TS_AdminChanges whether one uses the web admin or the System Admin Tool. For example if a user is associated with 10 groups and is then added to an 11th, the action as logged from the System Admin tool will only add one line to the TS_AdminChanges. Whereas if the action is carried out from the Web Admin, lines are logged for removing the user from all 10 groups and then adding them and the new group again.
CMS-XML HtmlJavascriptWidget Javascript Error if handling strings containing apostrophe
The following JavScript error is shown: SCRIPT1006: Expected ')' tmtrack.dll?sid=xtppprki&TransitionPage& action =Update&projectid=70&recordid=6&recordlockid=0&tableid=1042&transitionid=1&Template=formbody, line 417 character 11
CMS-XML "Please contact your administrator" errors thrown at the top of SSM - Service Request forms
After loading this process app in Composer, open the aforementioned custom forms and go to the Actions tab in the Property Editor. Edit the "Form Load: SSM Formatting" form action . One of the "Then" statements will be to execute a line of javascript that attempts to call a report by the reference name "TSM_CONFIG_ITEMS.CMS.ActiveServices". That entire "Then" statement can be deleted if you do not plan to use the CMS application.
CMS-XML Form shows a bunch of blank rows at the bottom of the screen when viewed outside of the Full Interface.
When you open a custom form in the Classic UI there is no problem but if you go under the Actions and choose to Copy URL to Clipboard and then paste that URL into a new window this will open the item on its own without the nav tree etc. When you do this at the bottom of the form there are a few lines that show up as blank where the form should go all the way to the bottom. ... Now under the Actions menu copy the URL to the Clipboard
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