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CMS-XML Configurator does not always completely configure all files when External Filters used with SSO
If you are having problems using SBM web-services and you have setup SSO to use External Filters, then it is possible there is more manual configuration required. If you have External Filters defined in SSO and are having problems with Web Services, then contact Support
CMS-XML SSO web services timeout setting is ignored
SSO web services timeout setting is ignored
CMS-XML SQL Server Windows Authentication login issue when SBM is configured to use Windows Authentication and SSO
This identity is then used to access the SQL Server database. This works unless you also use Windows Authentication to validate users with SSO to manage sessions in SBM. In that case, SBM prompts you to enter user credentials when you log in to User Workspace or Application Repository.
CMS-XML SSO is re-authenicating when requirements are opened in CM web client
This problem happens in particular configuration , when SSO Federation Server ( SSO Login UI) is accessed through 2-way SSL and happens for any SSO enabled web application when user tries to switch to or open second SSO enabled web apps.
CMS-XML Beyond firewall does not work for IIS if SSO and port changed
If you configure SBM to use beyond the firewall feature in the configurator then you should be able to access SBM via a published service outside of the domain. If you have SSO turned on and change the IIS port for the external host then this will not work as after the SSO authentication is complete it redirects back to the default IIS port.
CMS-XML Changing sso keystore password in configurator doesn't change custom authenticators in configuration.xml
For instance I added this to my configuration.xml file to do cac. After changing the password in configurator my setting below still said changeit where all the rest that used the same keystore said the new password.
CMS-XML Cannot select NTLM with SSO in 10.1.3.x in Configurator
If you wish to continue to use NTLM & SSO (without needing to configure LDAP) as per detailed in the 10.1.2.x documentation then this will still work but you will need to use internal passwords for Composer.
CMS-XML How to setup Dimensions CM, RM and other Serena products to utilize the SBM SSO using LDAP authentication model
Modify the SBM Configuration.xml and uncomment this section. Be sure to update it with your LDAP settings .
CMS-XML What are the exact privileges needed for the SSM orchestration user?
In the SSM Installation and Configuration Guide, there is a section called "Setting Authentication for Orchestrations". The first paragraph says "For on-premise SBM installations that are not running with Single Sign-On ( SSO ), you must configure the orchestrations in the listed process apps to run under a user account that is authorized to run orchestrations." The documentation does not explain exactly what permissions are needed.
CMS-XML Null Pointer Exception Error in RemoteUserFilter when turning on TRACE log level
When setting the SSO logging level to TRACE for,
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