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CMS-XML AE callback fails with ssl error when ssl is ON on Jboss
04/18/2011 15:59:58: Attempting callback for import UUID: 351fb595-dab4-4b6e-a885-e09703b1150f 04/18/2011 15:59:58: Invoking import callback : uuid=351fb595-dab4-4b6e-a885-e09703b1150f, endpoint=https://orl-dev-vbm6413:8243/mashupmgr/services/sbmimportcallback72, result=30
CMS-XML Upon validation of process app, verify that workflow annotations do not have invalid XML characters.
fixes the issue. INFO -- Awaiting callback from Application Engine on the success of the import . INFO -- Application Engine callback at 5/3/13 2:50 AM. INFO -- The following errors or warnings were received: ERROR -- Parser Fatal Error at file D:/Serena/SBM/Application Engine/mst49436/teamtrack/5130dae1-d94d-4d16-a9da-e4bc5c88b57
CMS-XML Snapshot cannot be imported directly into Composer nor via a GET from AE and open - error similar to following occurs: The name 'Glkas2273v9763ComponentPartsByProductb70e9f57d35c57348c2021aae8254160' is invalid because it exceeds 64 characters in length.
Problem is with the endpoints.xml and a REST grid. The snapshot will promote in AR and the blueprint will import fine but you should be able to import from a snapshot or do a Get from AE and import from there too.
CMS-XML LDAP Import not updating all resources
You can update SBM\ Application Engine \bin\ file and increase the two socket timeouts from it's default value of 300 seconds. worker.template_worker.socket_timeout=300 worker.template_node.socket_timeout=300
CMS-XML Parser Error at file thrown by AE during Promotion
AE exports a definition.xml that doesn't import . This happens when a corrupted rule gets corrupted so that AE exports a bad definition.xml. The problem is in the last value, which is associated with a user field.
CMS-XML New process app version with red icon sometimes not visible from Composer after a Get from Application Engine
To work around this bug, you can go to the Process Apps section of the Application Repository after performing the Get from Application Engine and export the new version to a file. You can then import that file into Composer and after you have checked it in one time, you will be able to open it as you normally would from the repository.
CMS-XML On some SBM installations the import of XML language files fails
On Windows 7, 64 Bit OS the error message appears as follows: Faulting application path: C:\Program Files\Serena\SBM\ Application Engine \bin\ttadmin.exe Faulting module path: C:\Windows\WinSxS\amd64_microsoft.vc90.crt_1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b_9.0.30729.4926_none_08e1a05ba83fe554\MSVCR90.dll
CMS-XML Manual Steps for Importing and Exporting Trusted Certificates to Establish Client Certificate Authentication
For example: server- ae , server-tomcat1, server-tomcat2. On server-ae you need to import all tomcat certificates.
CMS-XML Composer crash on import of Process App
This can be worked around by loading the file into the Application Repository, then deploying, then performing a "Get from Application Engine " and finally opening in Composer from the repository.
CMS-XML Deploy fails, but is reported as having succeeded
If this happens, then check the ts_import.log file on the target system (usually in the "Application Engine\Log" directory). Certain database-related errors may be logged there, but the AE import process will erroneously send a successful return code of 0.
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