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CMS-XML Get Request Failed message searching dropdown list when SBM is Load Balanced and Analytics turned on - "Request Failed. Please contact your administrator"
... realized that the search is a simple ... ... nItems: " 2 " }) ... nItems: " 2 " }) ... ,27, 2 );return ... ... +'; path =/' ... Basically it is our expected response with a bunch of their own script tacked onto the end which then causes the search to break in the dropdown.
CMS-XML Work Center search results are expanded rather than collapsed when Rich Text field contains a broken link to an image
1) Submit/Update an item with RTE field 2 ) Type quite along description and Insert an image to RTE field 3) Save item
CMS-XML If you change report search filter from "contains" to "like" then it wraps text in extra quotes and so filter fails.
( 2 ) Save the report. (3) Modify and change the "contains" to "like" and ok and incorrectly puts another quote in it.
CMS-XML Relationship service fails to start if there is too large amount of rows in REL_ADMINCHANGES or REL_CHANGEACTIONS.
You can tell if you're running into this defect by running the following two queries against the Application Engine database. If either of these queries returns more than 1999 rows this will be an issue. Another symptom of this problem is users are unable to login to Work Center due to errors like "Unable to validate user" and "Error: Not Found" and "Error static Top : Not Found"
CMS-XML Chrome:Manage Data:Update auxiliary items breaks User Interface
1. Using Chrome browser log in to your User Workspace 2 . Go to Search -> Manage Data 3. Select a table and add new item
CMS-XML Incomplete or Missing Search Results
2 ) On the SBM Common Services machine, open SBM Configurator and note the Smart Search Index Directory path . Navigate to this directory on the server.
CMS-XML Under certain circumstances the search for users/groups causes failure
Under certain circumstances the search for users /groups causes failure
CMS-XML Pressing Enter in the Search Box of User Profile Notifications Settings returns user to PA tasks
If you press the Enter key in the Notifications Settings Search Box in the User Profile , when the search box is blank, it returns you to the Task Page of your default application.
CMS-XML SBM Web Admin search for users with high bit characters in their name fails
SBM Web Admin search for users with high bit characters in their name fails
CMS-XML Creating a report with two matching runtime fields caused user report issues until system refreshed
If you have a listing report with two matching query at runtime fields on an aux table then when you try "FIND" on this field you will get "error on page" from IE and expanding that “form.Report Type is null or not an object” from qbetop.js. The "find" seems to never finish and also you cannot create a listing report with any search criteria (all search criteria options are blank even for inactive/active). To recreate:
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