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Article Support Platform Matrix for Serena Products
The Supported Platform Matrix outlines the supported client-side and server-side information, including supported operating systems, browser, third party plugins, Serena product integrations, character sets, and upgrade paths.
CMS-XML A group box is missing a surrounding border/box
A group box used on a custom form may be missing a border/enclosing box that is supposed to surround the entire Group Box like a perimeter. This only occurs with Group Boxes that are nested inside another Group Box. Additionally, this may only be observed in a non-HTML5 enabled environment and when using the sand/graphite theme. ... Remote desktop into the SBM server you wish to apply this code patch to. ... C:\Program Files\Serena\SBM\Application Engine\ bin \styles\graphite\
CMS-XML OnChange form actions and OnChangeCallback from javascript do not file for Multi Select boxes in IE9 and IE10
C:\Program Files\Serena\SBM\Application Engine\ bin \javascript\utilities.js ... Open the System Administrator program on the SBM server
CMS-XML SLM: How to consolidate multiple license keys for one Host ID into a single license file
... the "License Hosts " values match ... From the summary, review the information is correct and then check the box to the far left. ... default location on a Windows-based system is “C:\Program Files\Serena\License Manager” or may be C:\Program Files (x86)\Serena\License Manager if the OS is a 64-bit system. For a UNIX/Linux system, look first for /usr/serena/license_manager. When installed, someone may have
PDF Contents
Supported Operating Systems Editions are indicated within brackets. Operating System version Platform Windows Server 2012 R2 [Standard, DataCenter], Windows Server 2012 [Standard, DataCenter], 2008 R2 SP1 [Standard, Enterprise, DataCenter] 64-bit x86 PC Compatible
CMS-XML Notification Server does not reset Start Date with last time service was running
The Start Date should be updated with the last time the notification server was running, even if the box is not checked to look at the Start Time. Instead, the current time the notification server is restarted is used.
CMS-XML In 11.0 you get this error during deploy if you have an empty Group box in Orch Workflow "Empty sequences are forbidden"
file:/C:/Program%20Files/Serena/SBM/Common/Tomcat%207.0/ server /default/work/processes/_00000_Transition_c9b39ee3-32bf-417a-9c82-9de4faed0829---1-6/Transition.bpel:40: error: [EmptySequence] Empty sequences are forbidden..
CMS-XML A report with two filters on a date field and one on a binary field set to QAR will not return results.
As a workaround, if you change the binary field style to a dropdown list, the report will work. Just be aware that it will invert the meaning of the first and second value. To compensate, type in a word or phrase into the "First Value" that correlates with unchecked/off/no and in the "Second Value" box , type in a word or phrase that correlates with checked/on/yes.
CMS-XML JBoss Server Does Not Shut Down after Stopping JBoss Service
file located in the installDir \Common\jboss405\ bin folder in another location.
CMS-XML Orchestrations and/or notifications stop running after server is restarted
When this happens, the Jboss service will appear to be running but it won't actually be fully functional. Every operating system has a set of dynamic ports call ephemeral ports that should not be used as fixed ports. The dynamic ports are designed to be temporary.
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