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CMS-XML Copy plain text from rich text field copies formatting incorrectly from Firefox
When copying plain text from a rich text field in Firefox to another rich text field (in Firefox or IE) then a horizontal scrollbar is displayed in the target rich text field. The cause for this is that when copying the plain text from Firefox the following is actually copied instead of just the string: <span style="display: block; width: 482px;"><span style="display: block; width: 482px;">Test RFC</span></span>
CMS-XML Target Server information not saved correctly
When trying to deploy user get the following error , using chrome Version 30.0.1599.101 m
CMS-XML SOAP Fault String "Unexpected subelement XXXX"
The goal is to raise an external event with event manager at http://Server:8085/eventmanager/services/ALFEventManager?wsdl. Make a web service call for service ALFEventManager, function name EventNotice. After populating the necessary inputs, the web service call returns an error because some inputs were left unmapped.
CMS-XML If you have a notification rule with a transition value and promote then it is incorrect or none in targe
If you have a notification rule with a transition value and promote then it is incorrect or none in target .
CMS-XML Copy and Paste Form Action displays invalid warning message
Copying and pasting a form action from a transition form to a state form yields a warning message: "The Form Action contains one or more items that are not valid on the target form."
CMS-XML AE callback fails with ssl error when ssl is ON on Jboss
Access MM with https://hostname:8243/mashupmgr Edit target servers to use https and port 8243 AE webservice endpoints should have basic auth
CMS-XML Validation Errors in SBM Composer for Invalid Field References
If you receive this validation error , recreate the references to the desired target control.
CMS-XML Cannot deploy Orchestration - [ERROR] META-INF/bpel-definition.xml could not read wsdl document
Completed validation of environment. Deploying to server "BPEL Target Server" at 04/07/11 10:19. INFO -- Processing orchestration named "PAS_Orch"
CMS-XML Attempting to view the Common Log in Application Admin gives error
-- Failed to get the marshalled object [http-] java.lang.NullPointerException You will see the above errors when target servers are not defined for the environment. Workaround is to define target servers.
CMS-XML Work Center menus are corrupted when promoting snapshots across environments - error using Developer Tools is: {"status":"ERROR","results":"query did not return a unique result: 16"}
After taking a snapshot and promoting it to a target environment, the view menus in Work Center may have duplicate entries or do not load. Additionally, an error similar to the following message can be found via use of browser developer tools as a result of the ../workcenter/menuItem/all?...” server request.
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