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CMS-XML System Administrator give error "Could not drop object 'TS_AGILE_BACKLOGS' because it is referenced by a FOREIGN KEY constraint"
1) Make sure the SBM Configurator is not open. 2) Use SQL Enterprise Manager to delete the database and create a new database with exactly the same name. 3) Launch the SBM System Administrator.
CMS-XML Migrating Service Definitions and SLAs to a Different Environment
References to notifications used by SLAs ... For best results, limit imports to 2,000 service definitions at one time. ... Applies only to service definitions and includes service requests that reference an external Web page rather than an SBM project. • Invalid Project References ... Includes service definitions and SLAs that reference projects that cannot be detected. For example, if a service request references a project that is later deleted , it will be exported.
CMS-XML "Please contact your administrator" errors thrown at the top of SSM - Service Request forms
After loading this process app in Composer, open the aforementioned custom forms and go to the Actions tab in the Property Editor. Edit the "Form Load: SSM Formatting" form action. One of the "Then" statements will be to execute a line of javascript that attempts to call a report by the reference name "TSM_CONFIG_ITEMS.CMS.ActiveServices". That entire "Then" statement can be deleted if you do not plan to use the CMS application.
CMS-XML Cannot remove mashup reference
If a mashup references another mashup and there is a relational field using this relationship between mashups, the reference cannot be deleted even if the field is deleted .
CMS-XML Composer can only process a limited number of WebService design elements.
If the Mashup that causes these failures contains multiple Applications, each of which uses some, but not all, of the WSDLs, then it may be that splitting the Mashup into smaller units will alleviate or eliminate the problem, until the fix is available. If this is the case, then contact Support and ask them about internal KB article S137910 might be of use to help you split your Mashup.
CMS-XML Validation Errors in SBM Composer for Invalid Field References
Form validation in SBM Composer now detects invalid control references that occur when a referenced control has been deleted , but has subsequently been replaced with another control of the same name.
CMS-XML SBM 11.0 Beta - ORA-00001: unique constraint for CL
The following error appears in beta-to-beta upgrades using the Oracle sample database: 2015-10-12 02:45:17,426 ERROR [Thread-255] [com.serena.commonlogger.internal.dao.LogDAO] [::] -- Unable to save logs in database. org.hibernate.exception.ConstraintViolationException: could not execute statement
CMS-XML Patch Context Process app with INCLUDE statement to global fail validation. 09R4.01
A process app in a patch context. This process app references the global app. Scripts in the process app that include scripts from the global can't validate because the scripts from the global are not written to the validation directory.
CMS-XML Create Unique Index statement fails during database upgrade
An error occurred attempting to create index TI_UNIQUE_NOTIFICATIONEVENTS. This is not necessarily a problem and could be due to a name conflict . This error will be recorded in event viewer and execution will continue.
CMS-XML Limit by Source Project when inporting data throws error
When selecting the 'limit by Project' option from the system administrator during when setting up an import option set an error with an SQL query is thrown. After the SQL statement you will see the following text (Invalid Column Name) followed by a list of database column names.
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