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CMS-XML Date&Time is not properly imported from Excel file via ODBC driver
Development Manager 1.0Release Control 3.0Release Control Control 3.1SBM 2009 R4.02Service Manager 2.0
CMS-XML Error: Database upgrade failed: Cannot connect to database using provided ODBC data source
Release Manager 5.0.1Service Manager 5.0.1
CMS-XML LoggerConf.xml uses incorrect driver when admin installs latest SQL Server driver
Notice that the System Admin is connecting to the correct database and driver eg "ODBC Driver 11 for Sql Server" but LoggerConf.xml use "SQL Server" driver. Set up the SBM data source to use driver " ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server" makes things work and editing LoggerConf.xml to use " DRIVER ={ ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server}" works great, but upon hitting Apply in Configurator, the LoggerConf.xml is changed back to the "SQL Server" driver which does not work.
CMS-XML Very small Memory Leak if using Oracle with SBM, ODBC32, CDatabaseEx::OpenEx
Under normal circumstances, this will not affect your installation. This was found, however, when a rogue User Workspace process started calling database updates many times per second, which will not happen under normal processing. ... Value name : ODBCConnectionPooling ... The normal scenario when using Oracle is that Connection Pooling is disabled in ODBC , but enabled in the Oracle for SBM driver settings.
PDF SOO Upgrade Guide
... products or company names are used for ... If you are not using at least ... ... 4.0 are not supported. ... is enabled by default in the SOO ... ... is selected by default for all databases ... ... • If you do not see any services ... If you did not make any changes ... apps or you do not want to preserve ... ... Click the environment name to open it ... ... means that you do not need to upgrade ... ... required SBM components are not detected on the ... ... by the installer are not automatically deployed to your default environment.
CMS-XML SBM Installation against SQL Server 2012 SP1 does not work
... SP1 it is not possible to get ... The documentation states the SQL Server Native Client 11.0 must be used for the ODBC system DSN but if this is used then Configurator states "A data source configuration conflict has been detected. Please make sure the Application Engine ODBC data source settings are synchronized with settings in the Database Servers tab. ... A connection to the application repository is not possible. Switching to the SQL Server ODBC driver resolves the message in Configurator but does not work either.
CMS-XML Snapshot cannot be imported directly into Composer nor via a GET from AE and open - error similar to following occurs: The name 'Glkas2273v9763ComponentPartsByProductb70e9f57d35c57348c2021aae8254160' is invalid because it exceeds 64 characters in length.
Development Manager 4.0.1Development Manager 4.5Release Control 4.5Release Manager 4.0.1Release Manager 4.5Requirements Manager 4.0.1Requirements
CMS-XML Configuration Utility Error
param name ="URL ... value=" DRIVER ={Oracle ... param name ="URL" value=" DRIVER ={Oracle in OraClient10g_home1};SERVER=distant-server;UID=serena;PWD=******;DBQ=instance2;" ... Common logger will not be used. ... - [Oracle][ ODBC ][Ora]ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied [Oracle][ ODBC ][Ora]ORA-01
CMS-XML SBM for Oracle driver does not recover after losing its connection
Development Manager 4.0.1Development Manager 4.5Release Control 4.5Release Manager 4.0.1Release Manager 4.5Requirements Manager 4.0.1Requirements
CMS-XML Notification template WYSIWYG editor does not load correctly if field name has apostrophe
Development Manager 1.1Development Manager 1.2Release Control 3.2Release Control 3.3Release Manager 2.0Requirements Manager 1.0Service Manager 3.0
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